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LED Packaging Enterprise Development Space Taken Unknown Market Strategy To Win?

Jan 18, 2019

  With the changes in market demand, the development of LED stadium lights chip preparation technology and LED packaging technology, the future development of space where the LED package? LED packaging company taken market strategy to win? backpfrontp Now, let me see the number of people in the industry for the future Package development field interrogation pulse. backpfrontp future development backpfrontp package in package design, the domestic line high power LED flood lights design has been relatively mature, mainly in decay lifetime, optical match, failure rate, etc. can be further on the steps. backpfrontp SMD 1000W LED flood light is designed especially top emission type TOP SMD in the constantly evolving package stent size, package design, material selection, optical design, thermal design, innovation, technology has broad potential. backpfrontp power LED high bay lights design is a new world. Due to the large size power-type chip manufacturing is still in the evolving, so the structure of power LED, optics, materials, parametric design is evolving, there have been new design appears. backpfrontp \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Iron Man Lee, chairman of Lehman photoelectric backpfrontp from a technical level, high-power products to EMC's integrated chip package, from 500-1500lm level, integrated chips EMC product replaces the low-power COB, or to replace 3030 more stars the application level. backpfrontp future possibility EMC integrated chip package to more than 20W is not excluded. backpfrontp \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Wu Sen backpfrontp OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Solid State Lighting, senior marketing manager because of price limits, multi-functional integrated package is still not enough to form the mainstream advantage in light market we seem to be more willing to reduce prices and improve competitiveness. backpfrontp Even so, more voices, or that the future of LED tennis court lighting application package will focus mainly towards high power, miniaturization, multi-chip integration, high efficiency and high reliability direction. backpfrontp \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Linsen Ltd. Marketing Director Sun Shaofeng packaging backpfrontp future development, will be for more highly integrated and intelligent application, and light-efficient and cost-effective, while also shine in some emerging markets, such as automotive lamp, agriculture lighting , smart home. backpfrontp \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; general manager of Foshan City, Hao Wang Mengyuan backpfrontp Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Currently, healthy lighting market is vigorous, high-efficiency high CRI, full-spectrum white light, wide color gamut backlight, high-power infrared, near-ultraviolet DUV plant lighting, medical, telecommunications and lighting functions is growing rapidly for a variety of high-end and new LED airport lights packaging needs and emerging applications, the LED package is huge room for future development. backpfrontp \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Deputy General Director, R \u0026 D Center Dr. Li Cheng backpfrontp country star power technology with the progress of the upstream, midstream package link in the entire industry value chain which will be compressed to smile curve the lowest point, in terms of the packaging companies , had to seek high-margin product direction to solve this predicament. backpfrontp From the technical point of view, the next three years, AC direct drive of photovoltaic modules / module for light curing UVLED street lights and modules required for agricultural lighting UV / IR and other packaging products will continue to mature, will packaging manufacturers will become the battleground. backpfrontp \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Fujian days, photoelectric Ltd. Dr. Sun Jiaxin backpfrontp Enterprise Success backpfrontp other words, the future, packaging companies will usher in an unprecedented opportunity to put the cake in the face, how packaging companies to participate segmentation how to use? own soft power to achieve victory? to see major companies big move! backpfrontp EMOL core light (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. backpfrontp to the small module, integrated package optical modules or light engine and downstream development, and through large-scale , international, patented three-step strategy toward internationalization. backpfrontp Linsen backpfrontp to expand production capacity at the same time, to further increase the R \u0026 D needed for the building material and LED stadium floodlights packaging products such as stents, epoxy resin and other supplies to match production line integration of raw materials chain, increase productivity, improve product quality, form scale, cost-effectiveness, consolidate the company's leading position in the industrial chain integration aspects; LampLED enhance the level of product technology, and further optimize the production process; and increased investment SMDLED power LED products, improve packaging product line; develop suitable trend of the times, high quality, with a higher competitive LED light bar application products. backpfrontp Union Optical backpfrontp implement industrial optimization and integration, the establishment of bases in the major LED gym lights distribution center, while the short board company through mergers and acquisitions and strong intellectual illumination, wisdom lighting solution to achieve the transformation and upgrading of providers. backpfrontp rectangular lighting backpfrontp on the one hand, in the consolidation of competitive position in the packaging market, while actively extend the industrial chain, to accelerate the integration of resources; on the other hand, relying on the Internet platform to provide financial services, efforts LEDEMC packaging technology research and development and market development. backpfrontp To be sure, as technology continues to progress, there is no core competitiveness of enterprises will advance out of the market. backpfrontp as Hongli Opto-electronic said, the core technology will change in a short time, it is necessary to retain the mainstream packaging companies have to carry out product development and technical reserves, the future of the most competitive products will have the best cost-effective and highly reliable products and services! backp