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LED Market Leader Billion Light Package Than Expected Start Misinformation Unpaid Leave

Mar 15, 2017

 Planar media reports that since 2015 the LED stadium lights industry hit by backlighting and illumination in market conditions and sluggish, making the LED plant operating numerous hit bottom, recent LED stadium lighting industry gifted students, the package leading factory billion light startling news started unpaid leave, expected from 11 month including woods headquarters and factory will implement unpaid leave, shocked the industry. In this regard, Everlight forward to explain, November 2 to November 6 for the staff of tourism golden week, not the implementation of unpaid leave. backpfrontp Although billion light came forward to clarify, however, the bad news early in the morning but also the impact of Everlight's shares, after a light morning million to NT $ 49.4 yuan out, all the way down, the lowest to the NT 47.55 yuan, down more than half of the root limit . high power LED flood light market conditions this year are not as expected, in addition to the current billion light outgoing unpaid leave will be implemented outside billion light as a large shareholder of Epistar streamlining also in September when part human, so people related investment prospects for the 1000W LED flood light industry, continued to maintain a conservative attitude. Billion light before September this year to pay the NT $ 21.379 billion yuan, representing a 4.71% decrease in 2014 results. Legal representation in the case of LED oversupply this year, shipments of profitable growth will be offset by negative price decline, recent developments have taken a conservative view. backp