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LED Little Series Of Visits Deli \u0026 P 'Fei Qi,' Wu Jie----high Power Led Flood Light,led Stadium Lighting

Oct 19, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Mengdi] Yue Wu Jie, in a variety of large and small meetings, formal and informal occasions, are occasionally hear people talking about LED stadium light industry. Little Fei Qi, a little talent, looks pretty handsome, Wu Jie is everyone prevailing view. backpfrontp author has no chance to see, and finally in May this year, 2015 Engineering LED supply chain activities, good products Shenzhen station tour, see've heard a lot of Deli \u0026 P general manager \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; He slightly surprised, then I want to pious smile, oh. in fact, love to make friends, Wu Jie, with the Central Plains forthright personality, love and brothers privately a few high power led flood light, but Tuibeihuanzhan glad when will a great poet, a few words casually Yin.  Henan Tai people, all used to call him privately Wu. Wu was not old, in 2003 after graduating from Tianjin University, in order to open his career. And one of the few known circle of friends than 2006 Wu Jie CCTV Win in China Venture Competition, and since then all the way south, came to Shenzhen product 1000W led flood light, began his business career. backpfrontp 2007, Wu Jie, along with a business partner in the creation of additional Ed power to the LED driver's role into the LED industry; May 2009 created light Puming card Limited (GOSOLED LIGHTING), focusing on high-end lighting design and order system, in April 2010 the company was acquired Lucibel Lyon, France. June 2010 had personally founded the company name from each of the first two merge a word, the creation of Shenzhen City Deli \u0026 P Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (later changed to Shenzhen Deli \u0026 P Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.), from opening a bunch of brothers to do as a matter of quality. backpfrontp and expertise in marketing and product planning for him, there is no doubt Germany Lipu soul. backpfrontp chance, a friend on demand into the lighting door, drive off the root, Walker fearless venture onto the road. Wu Jie LED bay light so to describe his career began, revealing poetry scholarship tip of the iceberg.  LED bond barbaric growth from the beginning to the gradual standardization of governance, toss all the way; from the beginning of the industrial chain into small tour want to do anything, and now the focus, extreme, fast, just do control electricity this one thing, this process of hardships and pay Lengnuanzizhi. With the increase of experience, faded glitz descendants have become more simple, direct, clear objectives. And now he believes that life to get it a good thing for electric control has been very good. backpfrontp focus to achieve the ultimate determination of a thing, in a way consistent with the slightly Wu Jie Fei Qi personality. I really bandits it? Wu Jie asked himself, in his view, if I really bandits, then the value of the bandits is that we are bandits, we go its own way and do their own thing, let others say. backpfrontp Wu Jie is to say, is to do so. In 2015, Germany Pub Bureau compatible electronic ballasts LED tunnel light T8 tube drive products and 2015 new commercial lighting 6-60W external drive, and strive to achieve the North American market-compatible electronic ballasts LED T8 lamp in the first stage driving the first brand. For the control of the company's electricity and health Directory thirsty. 2014 LED tunnel light Engineering magazine in Germany Lipu, Wu Jie wrote burn, kill, steal the Three Alls Policy. In industry breaking legislation, the three just his way of describing the intense market competition, he believes the current lighting industry, in fact, every business is very fragile, big business is smoke and mirrors of a paper tiger. backpfrontp while Deli \u0026 P is in the speed of change and stop tossing the way to grow the market environment. Germany Lipu just like Wu Jie children, he set a moral world for it, set the public power, the universal light of development. Do not blindly follow the trend, not busy the price, although the price is the most competitive market sectors bear the brunt. backpfrontp big break Dali adhere to in the end backpfrontp In fact, Wu Jie for the high power LED stadium light market has a profound insight. He believes that the development of LED lighting can not be achieved, the traditional lighting in a short time will still maintain a certain market share. However, in the continuous shift towards green lighting effects, traditional lighting market will remain resilient until 2016 after high-speed penetration of LED lighting, including large flow of products and lighting business according to market development will be two-way. In this process, large companies naturally have the advantage of large enterprises, but small is beautiful, take the difference of path of business as long as a chance to survive to win some market segments. And in today's society in brewing a huge social crisis. Economic model of supply and demand model, the value of innovation required to break Li reconstruction. Wu Jie said that you can clearly foresee the future 1--2 years, the big get bigger, the small difference of the pattern will become increasingly clear, industry mergers and acquisitions, innovation and differentiation, lean segments and other industries will increasingly tend to make rational development, past experience and advantages will redefine for all businesses, this is a great danger, but also stand the chance of big break. Wu Jie seriousness with three colleagues believe that inspires: Excellent business must learn to adapt to the environment even more. To believe, in good times good business can develop, in the face of adversity and to be still developing; companies must have a chance to live. To believe that all the difficulties it was more difficult than we, who Aode Zhu whoever wins; work hard to be in parallel with disruptive innovation. To believe, start-up companies in any innovation on the basis of immortality and errors are our greatest asset; A lot of friends in WuJie opinion, Wu conviction, vigorous and resolute style are in fact part of the Fei Qi, (LED street lighting) so toss resistant promising career, good people can not do, the bad guys can not do anything, the only thing is to adhere to the people. In this regard, he said Wu Jie smiled ridicule. backpfrontp Finally, Wu a 'Walker \u0026 middot; the world' as the end: backpfrontp world situation backpfrontp start was hard backpfrontp Wutongshan defying climb backpfrontp autumn still feel backpfrontp summer alpine cold backpfrontp Majestic backpfrontp tide backpfrontp fear Meisha sun Chan backpfrontp Towering World Chi still strong backpfrontp Nanshan afar backpfrontp Andhra Shinpei backpfrontp what was supernatural ability to play a killer backpfrontp backpfrontp now again Jiangong backpfrontp Spark Namco backpfrontp thirties backpfrontp now a tree with red flowers backpfrontp backpfrontp was blazing bright.