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LED Lights Into The Mainstream Market Price, Quality Problems Continue To Be Standardized

Nov 08, 2016

  Pursuance of a state out of incandescent roadmap, October 1 next year, China will fully ban the sale and import of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting. It was observed that the market has been basically out of incandescent, but once vigorously promote energy-saving lamps are phased out, Stadium lights become the market mainstream. However, due to the lack of LED lights relevant national standards, product price confusion, the quality varies greatly and countless other problems. backpfrontp saving lamps LED stadium lights facing out into the mainstream backpfrontp Recently, Fang who lives in Lake Street more Jindong source community because the family living room lamps aging serious intention to get a new lamp. Now my home is energy-saving lamps, yesterday I went to the lighting market in a circle, found the market has been very little energy-saving lamps. Fang Mingkang finally bought high power LED flood lights. backpfrontp September 7 afternoon, the reporter went to Zhejiang building materials market, the lighting store sales are LED lights. Zhao Huasheng, a lamp shop owner introduced: now buy energy-saving lamps with fewer people, many young people in the decoration of the new house will buy LED lights. Brightness backpfrontp LED lights up twice as much energy-saving lamps. In recent years, the market for LED lights being sought reasons explained Zhao Huasheng, although slightly higher than the price of 1000W LED flood lights energy-saving lamps, but the presence of light energy-saving lamps produce flicker, high strobe energy-saving lamps will produce electromagnetic radiation, long-term use and easy to eye damage, while the LED lamp uses light emitting semiconductor electronic effects, is a low-voltage DC current source of the light emitting device. aspect backpfrontp LED performance, safety, etc. must be stronger than the energy-saving lamps, combined with energy-saving lamps are also contaminated with mercury factors that can not be circumvented, it is a matter to be substituted. LED bay light materials are mainly silicon, no environmental problems. Zhao Huasheng said. backpfrontp Zhao Huasheng calculations: a 40W incandescent lamp consuming 0.03652 kwh per hour, a 10W energy-saving lamps consume 0.00814 kwh per hour, a 5W LED lamps consume 0.00704 kwh per hour. Suppose the average family to turn on the lights six hours a day, 0.6 yuan per kilowatt-hour basis, with one 40W incandescent lamp electricity is 47.98 yuan a year, with a 10W energy-saving lamps electricity is 10.69 yuan a year, but with a 5W LED light electricity a year is 9.25 yuan. Obviously, the use of incandescent lamps is the most uneconomical. LED lights expensive than energy-saving lamps, but electricity is cheaper. He said. backpfrontp the customers come to buy lamps, the LED tunnel light asking customers accounted for the majority. One customer said: LED lights, although the price is higher than the number of energy-saving lamps, but with a long time can save a lot of electricity, in contrast is still very cost-effective. backpfrontp deputy director of Institute of Semiconductors Hongda Chen said that if the Chinese 50% of light switch to LED, will be able to achieve annual saving 210 billion kwh, equivalent to 2.5 to build the Three Gorges Project. Meanwhile, LED in terms of life expectancy, application flexibility, also has unparalleled advantages. backpfrontp LED lamps lack GB market to be standardized backpfrontp in Zhejiang building materials market, people come to buy lamps Liu said: home've been using energy-saving lamps, but the feeling of energy-saving lamp life is short, with less than two years on the bad, so I want to change LED lights. But the inquiry found that the price difference is very big, do not know what to buy better. LED street lighting now on the market price of a big difference, such as Philips, Panasonic and other brands LED lamp prices between 80-150 yuan, but some sort of LED lamp price is less than 50 yuan. backpfrontp why the LED lamp price difference is so big? We have imported and domestic lighting, import price of expensive, made it relatively cheap. When a reporter questioned the price of LED lights when one of the lighting store salesman replied. LED gym lights on the market whether backpfrontp salesman said as a penny stock it? reporter learned from relevant departments, at present China has not yet issued national standards for LED lamps, LED lamps on the market mostly are in accordance with the business since set standards of production, quality varies greatly, consumers generally difficult to understand one of the doorways. backpfrontp same LED lights, what factors affect its price? In this regard, an industry source explained that the factors affecting prices include LED light chip, package, cooling method, heat sink material, technology and other aspects of appearance, only chip on sub several levels. backpfrontp The industry further explanation, an LED lamp generally includes a lamp beads, shell, driving in three parts. With a rated power of 3W of LED lighting, for example, which consists of three lamp beads, a shell, a drive configuration, in order to calculate the cost of production of mid-range products, the cost is 2 yuan lamp beads, shell 3 yuan , driven to 2.8 yuan, labor cost 1 yuan, 0.5 yuan packaging costs, other costs one yuan. So doing, the total cost of the lamp is only 10.3 yuan. Coupled with the business to earn profits, the Treasury rental costs, transportation costs, the price of the lamp only should be at least more than 20 yuan. Therefore, the quality of those priced at only 10 yuan or less LED lamps can imagine. backpfrontp In addition, some businesses dare to sell very cheap RGB LED flood lights, because of the use of inferior materials to light beads, for example, a poor domestic lamp beads 1W lowest price in the market is only 0.2 yuan, this lamp beads in gold wire is replaced by copper, other materials used are mostly inferior products. For these consumers only light appearance is difficult to discern. Therefore, he warned consumers not to buy low price LED lights, to avoid problems when used, cause harm to themselves and their families. backpfrontp store some LED lights seem brighter, while others are darker, is what causes it? along with various colors of LED lights, colored lights which in the end will not hurt eyesight? Miss Gu Keyu to sell When members ask these questions, but lighting store salesman could not answer. backpfrontp experts recommended that students use LED arena lights backpfrontp experts said that although almost all kinds of lamp overall cost, but also suggested that students use LED lighting lamp. Experts explained by thermal effects incandescent tungsten light, energy-saving lamps and fluorescent works as works by heating the filament emission of argon atoms and electrons collide with mercury atoms emit ultraviolet rays, then ultraviolet excited light-emitting phosphors. Thus, the presence of light energy-saving lamps produce flicker, high strobe energy-saving lamps will produce electromagnetic radiation, long-term use of the child's eyes easily cause damage. backpfrontp and LED lights is the use of light-emitting semiconductor electronic effects, it is a low-voltage DC current source of the light emitting device. So there is no energy-saving lamps flicker, electromagnetic radiation and other issues, it is recommended that the student desk lamp uses LED lighting. backpfrontp LED tunnel lights are generally divided into white and yellow, consumers can choose according to need. LED lights of different brightness of the light source exists, different light color, which is formed due to the different sources of light efficiency and color temperature. Some small manufacturers to make the light seem brighter, do put the color temperature is high, but the long-term in this environment is easy to damage eyesight. At the time of purchase, consumers can be next to palm out into the light, palm color red, the color temperature just described, the color is good, too. If the palms blue or purple, indicating that the color temperature is too high, not buy. backp