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LED Lights Bring

Jun 23, 2020

Product Description:

Light belt, is the abbreviation of LED light belt, most people are not used to the term is too long, so the front of the LED to omit, directly called the light belt. In this way, the name of the light belt also includes many old light belts that directly connect LED with wires instead of FPC or PCB before, such as big and small wire, big and small wire, round and small wire, etc., and also includes flexible light belts and hard light belts.

The LED Strip. This is the English name of LED tape. "Strip" (Yahoo!), "Strip" (Google), "Strip" (LED Strip)

Flex LED Strip. This is the English name of flexible LED tape. Flex is interpreted as "flexible" in Google translation, but "conductive" in Yahoo translation. However, the Flex LED Strip referred to by foreign customers is what we call flexible LED Strip in China.

The LED Light Bar. This is the English term for LED bar. Light Bar is translated as "Light band" on Yahoo, but translated as "Light Bar" on Google.

2. LED light bar