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LED Lighting Standard Trend Of 2012

May 07, 2015

With the development of LED industry, China is gradually developed into the world's major production base and export base of LED lighting products, a large number of LED lighting companies carry high quality LED products to all over the world, LED lighting product certification began to show its importance.

All LED lighting product certification standards

China certification: CCC certification

3C name of the certification mark as "China compulsory certification" (English-language name of "ChinaCompulsoryCertification", the English abbreviation for "CCC", also referred to as the "3C" flag. ), The certification mark is allowed to go on sale, import of catalogue products and proof token, indicating that the product safety and electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic radiation in accordance with standards set by the State in marketing of products subject to compulsory certification in China must be forced through this certification.

North American certification: UL certification

UL certification is a United States civil safety testing--insurers test (UnderwriterLaboratoriesInc.) of the product safety certification. It focuses on a variety of devices, systems and materials for safety tests and inspections. Products through and achieved UL certification is the admission tickets to enter the North American market. Overall, the UL standards can be divided into: requirements for product structure, requirements for using raw materials of the products, product components, the requirement to test equipment and test method requirements, requirements for product marking and instructions, and so on. Now UL certified has become one of the world's most stringent certification.

European certification: CE certification

CE certification mark is a safety certification mark, are considered manufacturers passport to open and enter into the European market. Bearing the "CE" marking the product in each Member of EU the domestic sale, need not meet the requirements of each Member State, in order to achieve the free movement of goods in the EU Member States within the scope of. In the EU market "CE" mark is mandatory certification mark, in order to free movement in the EU market, we must add to stick "CE" mark to indicate that the product complies with European Union technical coordination and standardization of a new approach to the basic requirements of the directive.