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LED Lighting Market Landslide Equipment Manufacturers Can Avoid Crisis?

Jun 27, 2017

 Although the economic situation from time to time to hear bad news, 80 Wang Xin did not mind to pay attention to this, he spends most of the time spent in the car, four tap new customers, he only concerned himself getting bad. backpfrontp Wang Xin in Dongguan opened a LED stadium lights equipment company has been operating for several years in the early support of national policy, SME entrepreneurs and their generation did not really tough times ahead. What others are doing before, then you follow dry on the line. But now I can not, and now need to think about how to do differentiation. backpfrontp beginning of this year, Wang Xin also began pondering his legs to walk, thus reducing the risk of bankruptcy. But in the future how, high power led flood light where to go, he still do not know. Like flying planes, suddenly there is no navigation, do not know where to go. backpfrontp began pondering his legs to walk backpfrontp Wang Xin joked, his work experience is in the worst of times, I hit the workers. In doing good to do business, I do business. backpfrontp left a deep imprint in 2008. That year, he was working in Shenzhen factory because a number of products immature, not out of stock, resulting in funding strand breaks, 1000W led flood light the factory went bankrupt. His six months of salary arrears, and finally he got only a third. backpfrontp However, fortunately, before the closure of the factory where he was being made a batch of equipment for the Foshan enterprises, Wang Xin with the customer's relationship with Foshan, he won the batch of orders, out of their own business. backpfrontp However, his entrepreneurial path is not smooth. A few years ago, his factory cash flow problems, can not afford even wages. He was holding a value of one to two million of real estate mortgage, only 20 million bank loan borrowed. We can only raise money around, but survive just fine. backpfrontp 2012 Wang Xin out alone from the partnership, opened the LED tunnel lights do now this package of factory automation equipment. backpfrontp light was not good enough to do this year, but relatively speaking, we do a bit better equipment. Wang Xin said that this year's LED lamps season in mid-May to early arrival, and until now it has not busy. At present, many LED manufacturers are still rest period, I have a client in Zhongshan, in August into September 1st holiday. Class two days, September 3 and began to put a Fangjiu Fang to the National Day. With the rise of Dongguan backpfrontp automated, Wang Xin company sales this year an increase of about 30 percent last year, the industry in the early stages, this stage is thriving. backpfrontp but Wang Xin view, the device is also the most short-lived. A device may be two to three years to process a blank from the market saturation. When the company was founded, to do a traditional LED tennis court lights section dispenser. LED lamp market is not good this year, Wang Xin realized that conventional LED high bay lights no way to do it. After backpfrontp target market prospects LED candle lights, Wang Xin started to develop suitable products which candle light packaging equipment automation and mass production and sales. backpfrontp Before we basically do not have brains, there are orders came to do. But now it is not so dry. Also consider how long this thing can do, to use their brains to consider which direction to turn. We always have maintained this alert, vigilant. Wang Xin expressed. backpfrontp was closed down it was profitable backpfrontp Wang Xin believes that the reason why China's SMEs short-lived,LED gym lights mainly because of a change in the industry is no way to change only when they die. He began to realize at least double industrial development, the company can be more healthy. This year, I think it is not only a device. backpfrontp last year they started doing dispenser, the dispenser has a market share of 3.0 billion, but later reduced to 30 million yuan market scale. Dozens of companies minutes, how much could be assigned? Backpfrontp currently Wang Xin factory also started to do a small amount of wick candle light packaging business. On this market,LED stadium lights this bulb sales mainstream, wick is our research and development. LED arena lights used to see small and medium enterprises closed collapse, Wang Xin is not worried. In his view, the crisis is opportunity. The company's positioning and direction of development is the most important, there are business failures, there are many companies to make money. backpfrontp crisis is the opportunity to seize the opportunity, if I had not my work in the factories closed down, I can not receive orders for this company, Foshan, go step by step now. In addition to set foot outside of the package backpfrontp wick, Wang Xin also wondering involved in the mobile phone industry, ready to do something else, for business innovation. backpfrontp Wang Xin said not see the future, can only do walking. backpfrontp this is another entrepreneur Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Ai Sida chairman Fan of confusion, in 2008 by the international situation and policies, when the market paved with gold, entrepreneurs have many choices of cross-border investment, but not this year Like, we are faced with many uncertainties. Business is like when a plane suddenly gone navigation, I do not know which way to turn. backp