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LED Lighting Market Is About To Usher In A New Spring Completely Out Of Incandescent Lamps In 2019

Dec 14, 2018

        National Development and Reform Commission plans to completely phase out by 2016 of the ordinary incandescent lighting. This means that there are 130 years of history of the incandescent lamp will slowly fade from view. backpfrontp incandescent lamp out of the market to be eliminated early on the schedule, it can be described as a trend. At the same time, LED lighting costs continue to decrease, the price also will be close to the people. It is predicted that in 2016 LED stadium lighting market will reach $ 30.5 billion. backpfrontp next year will be fully phased out incandescent backpfrontp according to the National Development and Reform Commission published the 'China out of incandescent Roadmap (draft)', from October 1, 2016, banned the sale and import of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting. backpfrontp phase out incandescent Why? It is understood that most of the incandescent lamp will consume 90 percent of energy is converted to useless heat, only less than 10% of the energy will become LED stadium flood light. This is a lot of power. As for the lighting time, the lamp life is usually not more than 1000 hours. backpfrontp currently in the global vigorously promote energy conservation, and actively respond to climate change situation, the state has adopted many policies out of incandescent light, speed up the phase-out of inefficient lighting products. It is estimated that China's lighting electricity consumption accounts for about 12% of total electricity consumption. If we replace all incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps, the annual saving 48 billion kwh, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 48 million tons, a huge energy saving potential. Phasing out of incandescent, will achieve emission reduction targets, global climate change make a positive contribution. backpfrontp Things + LED flood light lead to a new pattern with the LED lighting industry backpfrontp matures, things on behalf of the Integration of intelligent LED lighting the main direction of future development. Things + high power LED flood light are two strategic emerging industries, if the perfect match, you can bring a very good application results. They are combined with 1 + 1 is greater than 2. backpfrontp Things LED stadium lighting there are advantages on the whole, it completely abolished the control cable, greatly reducing the project implementation costs. It applies to new construction, but also more suitable for renovation, as long as the lamp replacement chip for the content of things can lower total ownership costs, but also to further reduce energy consumption, real-time monitoring of light, but also easy to use, scene flexible configuration, for example, automatically dimming, color tone and well-being. backpfrontp conjugate wisdom lighting networking technology has the potential to become a large-scale networking applications. backpfrontp green lighting industry alliance to promote investment in the development of backpfrontp Things 1000W LED flood lighting green lighting industry in the field of low-carbon investment alliance through broad international cooperation, promote low-carbon economy, green lighting, energy saving and environmental protection undertakings. Mainly through innovation, using market mechanisms to gather resources green lighting industry at home and abroad, through building information exchange platform, initiated the establishment of national standards, technical innovation, create industrial project library, to strengthen human resources and technical cooperation,LED stadium flood lights complementarity of resources among the member units, business collaboration and market development, and enhance market competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of members of the unit together for the green lighting industry in China and make due contributions to the world. backpfrontp 2016 Little Green lighting industry investment alliance will increase cooperation with chip makers lighting industry chain, power supply manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, engineering integrators, and Design Institute and other business units, used to verify the manufacturers Things compatible products and lighting, and various manufacturers to carry out a wide range of strategic cooperation, but also a certain degree of customization based on market conditions and customer demand, included in the sales area will focus on sales of smart interconnected lighting systems lighting and stadium lighting services, and in order to better meet customer demand, we will continue to provide for the special lighting products and services. backp