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LED Lighting Market Competition Quality Problems

May 07, 2015

Shanxi Provincial Committee through a letter released in 2014 after the Spring Festival to the accelerating industrial energy conservation, environmental protection and development programme of action, Shanxi province, covering in public LED lighting project will be implemented by 2015, strive for the province's public lighting LED lighting retrofit.

Pushing it policies, and lighting products prices falling sharply, making the country LED public lighting market with explosive growth, investment is shifting across the LED industry chain gradually shifted to the middle and lower reaches.

But at the same time, lack of standards, competition, product homogeneity and quality level is uneven and many other issues also come, in such a context of development, size, strength, ranging from LED lighting business began to differentiate, and LED lighting market has assumed a new competitive situation.

Although the past year, domestic public lighting LED market development in full swing, but is not to be ignored, all LED the vicious competition among enterprises, products and quality issues keep coming up.

End of October 2013, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Jiangmen and Shunde 9 40 enterprises in the area of production of 40 batches of LED street lights and light controller product spot check results show that substandard products as high as 25%.

In addition, in the past two years the country has completed construction of LED project lighting retrofit project, many LED streetlight retrofit project quality problem. Such as Nanchang bayi road, xincheng district, Wucheng District, Jinhua, Zhejiang Jin Sha Jie, Dongguan Guancheng Street LED streetlight retrofit project are due to get complaints for blind light.