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LED Lighting Market As The Biggest Winner Promoters Who Are Behind?

Nov 02, 2016

LED stadium light recent years, the rise of upstart lighting, sounds so fashion, Western style, but also a semiconductor lighting, more people feel very mysterious, very science and technology, because it has a powerful low threshold, high expectations, a small investment, big gains gravity, coupled with energy-saving advantages of longevity, does not want the fire immune! backpfrontp with the gradual implementation of the global ban incandescent, LED street lighting has become the lighting market with the most potential for development of green energy source. But, in the LED hot market now, in addition to the well-known energy-saving, longevity of public reason, how many people really get to know too deep-seated reasons behind stadium light popular? Backpfrontp there may be a lot of people would say that you have to ask, LED !! reason with energy-saving, long life, the LED will fire this may be one reason, but certainly not the most important reason is, LED fire up the main three reasons: One is the large number of small enterprises spare no effort in pushing ; the other is to promote strong government support; the third is to enter the LED industry, the threshold is low. backpfrontp small enterprises spare no effort in pushing backpfrontp First, almost all lighting companies (in addition to the Big Three outside) are new things, the size of the factory started almost simultaneously, but the traditional market is another one scene, basically a few big brothers carved up, small manufacturers survival difficult, we must look at the big brother little brother's face to make a living, life was very is stuck. backpfrontp but almost all small manufacturers have been willing to bullying chiefs, all the time looking for opportunities beyond, LED tunnel light for them like a trek to see the lighthouse ship, they definitely will not miss this golden bend Road overtaking opportunities, mad also pushing LED! Only in the LED field it may be possible to overtake. backpfrontp this time will reflect the small business small boat U-turn to advantage, innovation, efficiency, and cost than the large enterprises have advantages, but also tend to get a head start in the individual market segments. Such a role model, in turn, will attract more small partners to follow suit, a wide range of LED bay light products will rapidly toward the market. backpfrontp strong government support to promote backpfrontp LED fire up the second reason is to promote strong government support. Government an RGB led flood light can be energy conservation, in line with the industrial policy ah, we should vigorously support the development of ah, so you buy the machine I have a subsidy, you engage in R \u0026 D subsidies me, you engage in the promotion of my allowance, you lost me subsidy, you I wish to draw, you want to sell the product under the specified file directly with me, so have millions of soldiers fighting for LED cake fiery situation, governments everywhere to promote the tangible and intangible high power LED flood light is the main reason for such a fire. backpfrontp Therefore, government regulation has become visible and invisible LED hot behind an invisible hand, and this hand is now rapidly rolling the traditional LED lighting products mainly lies. backpfrontp unlimited standard backpfrontp low barriers to entry in addition to the above two reasons, barriers to entry are relatively low also contributed to all the people flock to LED's a major reason. backpfrontp fact, except for the real high-tech 1000W LED flood light chip, phosphor, and associated barriers to entry are very low, thus attracting materials, packaging, power, hardware, optical, applications, marketing, finance, and even Macedonian local governments rush: semiconductor lighting industry heavyweights outside the enclosure backpfrontp busy: as CREE, Bridgelux, Nichia, Sharp, Citizen, Toyoda Gosei, Samsung, Seoul, Everlight, TSMC, the new century, Mitsuhiro, Saman, Tsinghua Tongfang, BDO Runda etc. have entered the light industry; backpfrontp traditional lighting business transformation busy: three male, NVC, Op, Foshan lighting, etc. are now desperate to LED arena light on by now if we do not do LED, It will be considered to be behind the times, progress, and may have to be eliminated immediately; backpfrontp VC, PE nets busy: Jinsha River Capital, Lee Superman, gold innovation, Legend Capital, Shenzhen Capital Group, Fosun Capital, Temasek, the Galaxy innovation, IDG, and so want to catch this bus! Whispering and whether in the end the conclusion backpfrontp future backpfrontp someone lighting industry, but the current market in terms of lighting, gym lights is undoubtedly the biggest winner indoor and outdoor product applications worth mentioning, industrial and civil sources or, for a time seemed to be all LED as an alternative, as in the end the right fit, choosing to say, feeling the stones, said step by step. backp