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LED Lighting Listed Companies In The Capital Market Force To Lift A New Round Of 'merger Wave'--oak Led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 09, 2016

frontp 2015, under the global economy into a deep adjustment and rebalancing the new normal background, LED stadium light industrial structure adjustment pains follow. Standing at the crossroads of development of the industry, LED lighting listed companies have chosen in the capital market force, once again set off a new round of mergers and acquisitions wave. backpfrontp so far this year, LED lighting industry M \u0026 A event on another, whether it is a horizontal or vertical integration extends also, or cross-border acquisitions, M \u0026 A wave surging after another. As set off a wave of merger integration and a number of exit SMEs, 2015 stadium lights industry concentration will be further enhanced, with technical advantages and economies of scale leading enterprises will stand out in the competition in the industry. backpfrontp merger tide, industry consolidation continues in 2014 to upgrade backpfrontp heat integration, 2015 LED industry mergers and consolidation continue to simmer, as the current LED industry and has more than 25 cases of merger cases, the amount of the size of nearly 30 billion yuan. backpfrontp line to the year, high power LED flood light listed companies merger pace is not stop, and the frequent cases of the acquisition of one hundred million yuan level. June, Chau Ming Technology acquired 40% stake in Radiant, Radiant achieve 100% holding; Ruifeng 200 million yuan to acquire 85% stake Ling Tao Optoelectronics, cut into the mobile phone field of LED backlighting, complete 1000W LED flood light backlight business from large to small covering the size of the product; Union Optical acquire 100 million yuan and capital of Zhejiang Fang Control Technology Co., Ltd. will hold 72.37% stake Fang control; Alto Electronics intends to 250 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in total thousands of Hui, upgrade LED lighting business scale. backpfrontp July, Riyadh following the acquisition of 1.62 yuan Ming-Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 81% equity, Youyi 27 million yuan capital holding Goods can photoelectric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 55% stake. It is worth mentioning that, as early as in early January, Riyadh announced that intends to 890 million yuan on the price, the acquisition of 100% stake in Li Feng culture and Jin Xiang 100% stake, through this acquisition will force the LED bay light field of culture media. backpfrontp In addition, Lehman photoelectric on the 13th announcement is going to spend 230 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in Rio to enjoy science and technology; Shamenxinda 14 resumption, it announced that its subsidiaries, Fujian Cinda Optoelectronics intends to acquire 75% stake in Optical Hao days; country star power 14 resumption, announced its intention to no more than 250 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in Guangdong Desheng. backpfrontp LED industry continues to mature, the industry will face a deep adjustment, industry structure differentiation around the corner, M \u0026 A events will become more frequent, M type, mergers and acquisitions will become more diverse body, LED industry takeover battle continues. In this regard, Zhou Ming Jun, general manager of Epistar had LEDinside 6 January meeting this year, said that now, the LED tunnel light industry chain integration and reshuffle enterprises accelerate, domestic LED downstream manufacturers began to fully integrate acquisitions. LED industry, the only constant merger integration, in order to move on. backpfrontp intended to patent, cross-border mergers and acquisitions as normal backpfrontp 2015 Affected by the global economic development, M \u0026 A has become a powerful tool for LED enterprise resource integration. With the acceleration of global integration, China LED arena light companies gradually look beyond high farther, cross-border M \u0026 A has become an important way of national enterprises on the international market. Through cross-border mergers and acquisitions not only get the core technology and management experience, quickly and effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also can break through foreign enterprises advanced technology patent threshold. backpfrontp which the most notable was undoubtedly the Jinsha River Ventures Group's acquisition of the Dutch company Royal Philips Lumileds. According to the announcement shows the Jinsha River, after the completion of the acquisition, Philips will transfer patents related to LED street lighting automotive lighting production and more than 600 items to Lumileds. In addition, the Jinsha River Lumileds also plans to push to the capital market, in the international market IPO, is expected to create an industry leading enterprises. backpfrontp same technology and patents due to the acquisition of well-known foreign companies as well as the development of LED crystal. July, Shenzhen Science and Technology issued a notice subsidiaries develop crystal Lighting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. will and strategic investors to $ 130 million (equivalent to 807 million yuan) to jointly acquire US Bridgelux, this in LED chips, packaging and optical module products R \u0026 D, manufacturing operations of US companies, currently has more than 750 gym lights chip and packaging technology patents worldwide, and with the Cree patent cross-licensing. backpfrontp official said that if the acquisition is successful, equivalent to control the development of crystal and cross-licensing of patents owned by Bridgelux, involving integration and the development of gallium nitride on silicon chips from the chip to the module vertical product master chip, wafer , package, white, optical design and many other core technologies, to enter Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other global high-end LED industry supply chain. backpfrontp In addition, cross-border acquisitions for enterprises to explore international channels also benefit. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Hua Canguang Electric Korea Co., Ltd. Semicon Light through subscription newly issued shares, to expand its sales volume in the international high-end market; Jiawei Europe through the acquisition of shares in L \u0026 amp; D in China and North America, the company has DURACELL brand authorized by gradually landing in North America, Europe and other overseas markets. In addition, Feile Audio-Visual has also announced that the expected acquisition of Osram planned spin-off of the channel business, in order to obtain its global brand and extensive sales channels OSRAM Sylvania and covering approximately 150 countries. backpfrontp straddling the public, through complementary acquisitions based backpfrontp inventory in the first half of this year LED industry merger cases difficult to find, cross-border mergers and acquisitions have become the norm this year, mergers and acquisitions, both LED enterprises in other areas of cross-border, cross-LED also choose an outsider field. backpfrontp With the development of LED industry and the influx of large amounts of capital, the competition has been heating up. In order to better withstand market competition, enterprises must form industrial scale, longitudinal open up the industry chain, the scale to be effective. LED companies are no longer satisfied with a certain field of LED, but choose the depth industry chain, production and sales of high value-added products. As Xindeco not only do LED lighting package and application acquisition 安普光 Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen LED display more towards the direction of HD high-density development. Another example is the Dongshan Precision not only do LED devices, LED devices also do display industry applications, as well as fine pitch LED display and LED lighting industry in full color. backpfrontp Currently, most LED listed companies engaged in the business not just in one area, many LED upper, middle and lower reaches of the listed companies are diversified, cross-border ought become the norm. Through analysis we can see, most of the LED-based acquisitions of listed industry objects are cultural media companies, mobile Internet, financial institutions or related services company. backpfrontp in culture media, it is mainly the joint construction of photovoltaic, Riyadh and other LED display manufacturer lonely, targeting outdoor media. In particular, build optoelectronics, in order to better create digital Outdoor Media Group, also recently acquired in the public relations industry and the Friends of Extension of digital communications industry ranked the forefront of the public relations and overseas resources are very rich trader customized LED dissemination equipment Eastar, thereby the formation of a network communication services platform running order from digital communications equipment, brand public relations and digital marketing to outdoor digital online and offline media. Union Optical next goal is to build mobile Internet, this year, the first step in the acquisition of accurate media is its Focus wins the mobile Internet. backpfrontp in the financial aspect, the present more and more LED listed companies involved in financial services, such as Hongli Opto-electronic to $ 10 million to net profit in the Cayman capital, thereby indirectly involved in the Internet in the financial sector. Jiawei shares of financial institutions to set up supply chain finance platform and a direct stake in the ground on the photoelectric Xiamen International Bank and other means. backpfrontp big get bigger, the global pattern of remodeling backpfrontp listed companies occupy an important position in the capital markets, the adoption of aggressive mergers and acquisitions not only expand their overall strength, but also promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. In the industrial capital continuous injection of LED market, mergers and acquisitions and industrial upgrading will be accelerated to promote market integration, to further improve the industry concentration, leading technology and economies of scale enterprises will increasingly prominent in the integration, LED lighting pattern is quietly undergoing tremendous changes . backpfrontp listed in this enterprise by the LED set off wave of industry mergers, industry resources are increasingly concentrated, visible LED industry is accelerating the rate of survival of the fittest. LED listed companies not bigger LED industry chain through vertical integration, horizontal integration is the bigger firm size or achieve diversification through cross-border acquisitions in order to reduce competition, expand the original market share, or market segments, digging more The purpose of the market space. But for small and medium sized enterprises, highly concentrated industry resources are squeezing their living space. Recently, when the agency Absen research made it clear that, LED display industry in recent years, especially in the past two years, industry merger integration is accelerating, all listed companies have a certain degree of mergers and acquisitions, future of the industry will become more focus on the competition between a few large companies, small businesses survive the difficulties, differences in development or market segments might be able to get more living space. backpfrontp Currently, LED lighting industry in the growing maturity of opportunity, integration will undoubtedly become the industry trend, the bigger, the strong stronger situation also will be fully revealed. Whether for inter-enterprise integration for technology or channels, will be further integration of industrial chain advantage, a more mature business layout, catalytic LED market to form a new pattern. Is not difficult to foresee in the next period of time, LED business will be a new pattern and look to meet imminent era of LED lighting. backp