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LED Lighting Industry, The Smoke How To Find New Opportunities?---oak Led Stadium Floodlights

Oct 29, 2016

frontp the first half of this year, LED stadium light industry mergers and acquisitions wave after another, LED price war smoke. Intelligent lighting a single product bursting, home appliance giants have cross-border intervention. Today, semiconductor lighting industry has blue ocean red sea, business survival increasingly serious situation. Split international companies seeking to sell the buyer, domestic enterprises wanton fight to find a way out, is to be able to get better or new areas of development in the lighting industry. So, for the LED street lighting industry, how will define the future? LED enterprises to expand their space, it has become a common problem faced by the industry. backpfrontp half: Ocean Flame backpfrontp the traditional lighting industry, is changing: transition from traditional lighting to energy-efficient lighting and environmental protection, from non-smart to smart lighting changes. Change, it seems to do the traditional lighting industry has accumulated some degree of digestion. It is said that at present, there are more than twenty thousand domestic stadium lights enterprises, as the industry matures, the next 35 years will be LED lighting industry reshuffle. backpfrontp growth of all sectors in the first half, the upper and middle reaches due to intense market competition, a slight excess of production capacity, a decline in the overall growth rate than last year. While the downstream application link still rapid growth momentum. On the one hand, high power LED flood light market penetration is still speed, the price decline has narrowed, commercial lighting, home market outstanding. On the other hand, as the technology matures and prices small distance into the market acceptance range, LED display market gratifying. In addition, automotive lighting, lighting of agricultural market started to accelerate significantly over the previous year. While the industry as a whole to continue upward, but the situation in the first half, but it seems to be the Ocean Flame, many industry insiders have said the situation is grim, feel the pressure. backpfrontp LED industry, changing the face of the first half, fighting in the front line of 1000W LED flood light enterprises have the final say. Shanxi Guangyu Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Pearl said: Applied manufacturers, can be described as half water, half of the flame. On Guangyu lighting is concerned, both domestic and foreign markets, the first half of the foreign market situation, the market is relatively fast pace of development in Southeast Asia, Russia and other markets affected by the devaluation of the ruble, the relative suffer some impact. backpfrontp Guangdong los Lighting Industry Co., Ltd. Chairman Guoqi Bo said: Overall, in the first half for many companies, relatively difficult. Some will be more opportunities in the second half, there is hope for the second half. In fact, the development of enterprises, the continued growth is a relatively good state, so after a few years there will be a very good score. For los concerned, there has been no ups and downs, development has been relatively stable, relatively complete product line, including low-level lighting, industrial lighting, architectural lighting, street lights, tunnel lights. I have done a lot of projects in the first half, although the situation is not very good in the first half, but the result is not bad. backpfrontp intelligent lighting is RGB LED flood light trend is the trend backpfrontp Meanwhile, this year great concern intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting practical wisdom to integrate into urban construction, to achieve the conceptual basis of the wisdom of the city. Pearl said: Light can into every corner of the city, depending on the application areas, you can put a lot of functions integrated in the lamp, make the interoperability through the lamp circuit. LED bay light business and the industry's professional experts together to the solution and the wisdom of the lighting system set up to do more professional. backpfrontp Guoqi Bo said: this intelligent concept hot, intelligent lighting not only relevant,gym lights but also with the city, people at home living things associated with it, may the next five to ten years, there will be a very large integrated platform, the platform which will integrate different aspects of lighting, pipe network. Whether the current smart city, smart home or smart lighting, in fact, need a common platform to integrate end products. backpfrontp He also said that for the lighting industry, the smart lighting doubt is the development direction of the enterprise in terms of led tunnel light, lamps should do to ensure the quality of light, but about intelligent lighting more is to find partners to integrate collaboration develop appropriate technology to meet the requirements, and added to lighting products. backpfrontp Meanwhile, this year our government first proposed the development of Internet + action plan on how to innovations of the Internet into all areas of the economy and society, and become the hottest topic. However, in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center the upcoming 12th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (SSLCHINA2015) presented this year November 2 to 4 Internet era LED arena light theme, is eligible as a new economic form, quietly changing the lighting industry development of. backpfrontp Guoqi Bo said: In fact, the Internet + is the opportunity the whole manufacturing industry, is also a big trend, in this concept, in fact, hope to use information technology integrated manufacturing platform, means of information, reduce information circulation, improve integration efficiency . Look at our lighting industry, is a multi-industry, there are many market segments, each segment can be regarded as a small business, Internet integrated lighting industry, we will encounter many different situations, for some standardization product integration speed will be faster, but relatively slow speed of integration for non-standard products. backpfrontp year we pay more attention to lighting terminals and other equipment interoperability, thereby building the Internet of Things and smart city, smart communities, hospitals, etc. This is an opportunity in terms of LED tennis light, LED lighting products in addition to itself, the subsequent generation value-added services and will also affect the marginal effect of the comparison, the entire LED's business model, also have a relatively large impact. For the development trend of the Internet, Guangyu lighting also set up a special department operation, of course, the most fundamental thing is to light the main part of wisdom is the wisdom of the city's lighting, on this basis, to consider how to better equipment and other service systems. Pearl says. backpfrontp Pearl said: Guangyu lighting is positioned as a part of the Internet + or as a smart city construction inside a hardware and solutions provider, depending on the business needs to implement in order to product quality as the core, to provide more comprehensive product solutions for customers to create higher value. Under backpfrontp along the way strategy, Tennis court lights companies to usher in new opportunities backpfrontp In addition, to accelerate the implementation of the national strategy along the way, but also will bring new development opportunities LED lighting business. backpfrontp in the December 2014 meeting of the Central Economic Work Conference in 2015 to focus on the implementation of the area all the way, the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River economic belt of the three strategies. Since 2013 the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward to build a new Silk Road of the 21st century economic zone and maritime Silk Road (the area all the way) strategic vision, governments at all levels attach great importance, along the way as a national strategy, it will be China's next 10 years significant dividend policy, the initial large-scale infrastructure construction, followed by the development and utilization of resources and energy, and then full-service trade exchanges, will bring more industrial chain, multi-industry investment opportunities. Area along the way will rely on interconnection infrastructure along the trade and to optimize the allocation of production factors, thus promoting regional integration. backpfrontp CSA Research believes that implementation of the strategy along the way, not only so that the oil and gas industry, tourism, power equipment, transportation and logistics, infrastructure, and financial industries such as profit, but also in new markets, optimize the supply chain, the output capacity, access to resources aspect to achieve the internationally-depth development, also has a positive effect. backpfrontp the same time, all the way along the route is mostly along the emerging economies and developing countries to Russia, Southeast Asia and other emerging markets as represented by blue ocean of new LED products exports, is an important gateway for Chinese enterprises to enter the LED market in Central and Eastern Europe, along all the way to the construction of the new Silk Road will boost LED lights. backpfrontp Guoqi Bo believes that along the way is the opportunity for development of infrastructure associated with the industry, all the way under the strategic area, many Chinese companies will go out of infrastructure, will lead to the application of Chinese enterprises. backpfrontp other hand, the Chinese capital will invest in along countries if those countries supporting the corresponding industrial or infrastructure projects, expansion of the scale of the project will bring, and for many businesses, including the LED business, they are good Opportunity. I believe that after three to five years there will be many projects landing, the relevant company's business expansion is very meaningful. backpfrontp Pearl also said that with the implementation of national strategies along the way, along the country, many just in the construction of large infrastructure, for the purposes of product providers and solution providers, the project area is also a good opportunity. In fact, all the way along the chain is not only physical, more resources overall integration process, but also the integration of thinking, the big Internet thinking, the concept of integration to a large area all the way to go. backp