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LED Lighting Industry Mergers And Reorganization Of Enterprises With Technological Innovation Help Resolve Bottlenecks

Jul 18, 2019

frontp the current excess capacity out of the question, the State Information Center's economic forecasting department director Zhu Baoliang said: we must eliminate a number, out of a group, a number of mergers. Generally considered a method to resolve the overcapacity there are four: First, to stimulate demand growth; the second is to rely on market mechanisms; third is the implementation of mergers and acquisitions; Fourth restrictions overcapacity development of the industry, improve its industry access threshold, eliminate backward production capacity . backpfrontp in the LED stadium lights industry, to resolve the current method, the most typical and obvious is to vigorously implement mergers and acquisitions. backpfrontp face in the traditional manufacturing industries and weak competition, overcapacity in the economic environment, the major LED companies began to seek the way out, or is this as a golden opportunity to enterprise integration, in a complex pattern of confusion, the accelerator mergers and acquisitions, to further expand the strength. backpfrontp past two years, occurred in the LED business investment and merger cases very often fiery. Only the first three quarters of this year, M \u0026 A cases occurred on the LED high bay lights industry has been more than 30 cases involving amount has more than 300 million. According to reports, some executives of listed companies and the number of fund managers believe that the current influx of a new round of industry merger integration is different from previous years, capacity expansion, the current round of mergers and acquisitions relatively rational, the dominant force are industry leaders, and the difference of the competition Obviously, the industry will enter the era of post-competition. This fully shows that, LED football stadium lights industry in the future will emerge a group with strong competitive strength of the corporate giants, the industry gradually get rid of excess capacity, overall less competitive, fierce price war pattern, continue to adjust and optimize. backpfrontp In addition, a technical innovation was also seen as an important idea enterprises solve overcapacity. Some analysts believe that with the domestic total youth population will peak in the next few years, means that the domestic to the Housing and car industry as the core of economic or peaked, also means that resources to fight the formula already extensive growth is difficult to adapt to the economic requirements development, replaced capital fight, fight economic form technology. backpfrontp It is reported that in China the most competitive home appliance industry, the core technology was the United States and South Korea control; high power LED flood lights in the emerging field of Chinese enterprises is fully subject to Japan and South Korea; in the automotive sector, the core technology is also controlled in the United States, in the hands of Germany, Japan and other countries. The Chinese called the most advanced, most proud of the aerospace industry, actually more than a decade behind the world's most advanced. For China's manufacturing enterprises, we want to achieve the transformation of the manufacturing sector and Breakout, must develop new industries and high-tech industries, to further understand the industry's core technology. backpfrontp important way and foundation in this process, technological innovation is also the development of LED stadium lights industry, but also to win future business opportunities is an important breakthrough. To some extent, the future of competition in much of the competition in performance art. backp