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LED Lighting Industry Development: 'disarray Robbery' OR 'mining Business'?----oak Led Flood Light

Oct 21, 2016

  LED stadium lighting industry is in a lively. Of course, this lively, not cheerful lively, more is noisy and frustrating, mainly in: a steady stream of capital into the industry, many companies transboundary LED, enterprises listed heat, mergers and acquisitions wave continues, etc. In this case, there are From last month many big companies added lamp price war \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; although future prospects are promising, but the whole stadium lights industry will enter into a kind of situation, will form a kind of competition, but it will still exist a variety of possibilities. The more numerous and noisy, but the more unpredictable. Or that people still have questions: What's next development of LED lighting industry is backpfrontp focus on business trends, we see more emphasis on the restructuring and development?. Faced with the price reduction rate increase, manufacturers profits are diluted, the international giant Philips, Osram has put the original lighting business to do the spin-off; in home lighting started high power led flood light, trying to reverse the public perception of its brand, is developing commercial lighting, promotion and presentation capabilities in business according to the terms; but always as outstanding advantage of NVC, the first large-scale development of the Internet channel electricity supplier O2O model; in view of the rapid development momentum LED products, as well as commercial lighting and industrial lighting on products of high specifications, Foshan Lighting founded and to promote their independent sub-brand \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Ming Carpenter Hui, create new products, channel and team \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; The new situation, the new normal, companies make the appropriate adjustments and restructuring, anti- too concerned, this also confirms the industry to develop a new form. With the current technology upgrade, significantly enhance the 1000W LED flood light market penetration, Internet + popular thinking and modes, change the mainstream consumer groups, we believe that the whole industry model, system, rules, quietly changing. This can be discerned from the new phenomenon, on the one hand the rise of the Internet economy, the electricity supplier and O2O popular, so competition in the industry, to speed up the integration of resources and information dissemination, the market channel flat, more convenient and diversified market space to further expand, the competition is more open and transparent; on the other hand, the industry market bid farewell to era of huge profits, to a low-profit era, competition in the industry more attention to strategy and scale of strength. This end, Sen recently launched a high profile battle Sen, equally deserving of industry attention. This also indicates that the industry is more or less competition in the new order in the coming. backpfrontp last month, T8 lamp set off a price war, resorted to Sen Linsen fanfare battle flag, held a high-profile apprenticeship Assembly. According to Sen official said: LED bay light new era we need a new system to run. 2015 is our LED tunnel light is a very important period of transition from the old system to the new system from the old to the new normal normality, from the old rules to the new rules, from the old value to the new value, the new value is not only individual enterprises The new value, but also a whole new value industry. Looking Linsen initiative this turning point, leading and guiding this new change in the situation, we're going to dominate over this new direction after the turning point. backpfrontp As for the new value, Sen also made more meaningful thinking, are: First, vendors peel profiteering space fantasy, the return flow of products at reasonable prices and the like, to further accelerate the LED street lighting large popularity, open up the market and new markets; second, break the false argument of the unspoken rules, expulsion LED bads, purification industry; third is hoping to accelerate the formation of LED lighting era of enterprise development and operation of institutional rules. backpfrontp Sen Linsen the war showed a domineering but myself, have to clean up rivers and mountains, rivers and lakes reforming means. In an attempt to change the power of enterprise and industry-led institutions, the establishment of the new system. Of course, people may think that this is just a common enterprise marketing activities, in disarray robbery hybrid market, to seize a larger market share of channels and nothing more. But objectively speaking, Linsen not only spotted the new situation and business opportunities, but also has launched its own scale war strength, grasp the industry outlet, homeopathy. In February Linsen success in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing, the market value of 20.154 billion yuan. Mulinsen biggest advantage is that large-scale production management. Linsen production capacity and sales volume has been among the top ten in the world, it is one of the world's largest number of scale LED packaging companies. In addition to the packaging field, Linsen also collapse into the manufacture and sale of gym lights into the finished product, so far, Linsen in the domestic market to build 2000 key distributors and 26,000 sales outlets. Mulinsen strong cost advantage and lasting, there is the battle of the marketing campaign, we established mulinsen leading brand position in the domestic market of the finished lighting. Accordingly, and regardless of how Sen Sen result of the war, but it provides a warning to the industry and thinking. Development in a rapidly changing tide, everything is possible. Analysis of competitors, grasp the market, to know ourselves, know yourself, enterprises need time to meet and adapt to new developments, in the fierce competition in an invincible position.