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LED Lighting Gradually Penetrated Into All Areas Of Cost Reduction Is The Key

Nov 02, 2016

 Depleting global resources, resulting in energy conservation has become an issue of economic development have to be considered. Environmental voice rising, more and more energy-efficient lighting technology by the general public's attention. In a series of policy support of the government under, LED stadium light with high efficiency, energy saving and other advantages, gradually penetrate into all areas.  However, the high price of filling the majority of ordinary consumers in a wait state. In essence, this is the consumer public awareness of LED shortage caused misunderstanding. high power LED flood lights use electricity savings, you can offset the price difference with ordinary incandescent LED lights, energy saving lamps between. In addition, LED lights are more durable, unlike ordinary light easily damaged. backpfrontp However, these advantages still difficult to convince consumers. Consumer 1000W LED flood lighting products brand, performance, advantages did not understand, and the most intuitive feeling is LED products, compared to other traditional lighting products of high prices. Factors affecting consumer attitudes LED bay light market expansion, but to change fundamentally the LED market, also need to reduce costs on the basis of quality assurance in order to reduce prices. backpfrontp Currently, LED lighting is mainly used in the hotel and other commercial lighting, also can not afford a lot of civilian equipment. LED Power Driver IC vendors are a number of ways to reduce costs, as it can greatly enhance a more efficient LED tunnel light bulb energy saving effect, save money electricity; second enhance power efficiency can save expenses cooling costs, dramatically reducing system cost. Kingsun Huxin Bin, director of research, said Kingsun main selection simple, stable performance, low price of the program to do so in order to make the company's products closer to ordinary people. LED tennis light future development trend towards the standardization of product line, only LED lights slowly approaching civilians price advantage will gradually be reflected. backpfrontp 2014,  two years, with maturity and capacity efficiency of many processes, LED power supply will slowly mature until its design, technology and quality, applications and other issues have been resolved, the price will be decreased trend, LED prices will fall overall. HuntKey engineer Wang Wei Chi source that, LED arena lighting products, although belonging to the green, but it must continue to meet consumer demand for low-cost, in order for the market to accept, so we have to go to work in this direction at low cost. While its quality is constantly improved, so upstream suppliers, need to continue to do some updating and design come closer to the consumer. According to related statistics, the current lighting electricity consumption accounted for 19 percent of global electricity consumption, and efficient use of existing LED street lighting solutions can save at least 40% of energy consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 555 million tons per year. Therefore, energy saving LED lights will be the trend, and as LED lighting technology matures, RGB LED flood light products not only in luminous efficiency will be increased, the chip costs and packaging costs will decline, prompting the price of LED lighting products truly enter range close to the people. backpfrontp the joint efforts of the industry, I believe stadium lights illuminate the future is not far away, please look forward to it! backp