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LED Lighting 'from The Amount Of' LED Lighting Cooling Housing Market, Rising Demand

Apr 15, 2017

 It is understood, LED stadium lighting market to accelerate the amount of heat from the supporting materials industry has brought great opportunities, especially just to be driven by policy LED lights radiating shell kit market demand surge. With the current rapid development of high-power commercial lighting and outdoor lighting market, the market demand for LED heat lamps also rapidly rising housing. backpfrontp It is understood that, as a carrier of the light source, heat dissipation of the LED stadium lights design is crucial play to their strengths. If higher cooling efficiency lighting design, not only can extend the life of the lamp can also reduce the weight, to expand its range of applications. Conversely, LED advantages will affect the play, and even become the bottleneck of its application. backpfrontp in LED lighting systems, LED heat problem is a technical challenge. LED's outstanding feature is the small size, compact structure, easy to embed a variety of lighting. US Department of Energy has said that every increase of 35 degrees high power LED flood lights products can be shortened by more than 42% of its useful life. Increased operating temperatures may also cause security issues, including electric shock, fire hazard and eye injuries. The emergence of thermoplastics, in terms of cooling and thermal elements are gradually replacing aluminum lighting field, while specialty thermoplastics also prove their excellent properties its advantages in metal replacement applications. backpfrontp for lighting systems, since the heat dissipation and lamp structure easily combined structure is relatively simple and does not require additional power, while considering for processing, material costs, maintenance factor, etc., so the use of passive relatively low overall cost of cooling. The current mainstream direction is passively cooled by the radiator to maximize the rational design of lighting systems to meet the cooling requirements, while maximizing cost savings. General manager of the engineering department PolyOne Asia Wu said that in thermal simulation of thermal plastic than aluminum. Among them, the heat exchange surface area is increased by 25%, but the weight can be reduced by 9%. Throughout backpfrontp 1000W LED flood light accessories industry, manufacturers everywhere, but small, in which the majority of workshops roughing enterprises, few companies specializing in the production of the finished lighting accessories manufacturers. Many cooling accessories manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of routine spending, at the expense of the quality of all aspects of the practice of split molds, design, procurement, etc. cut corners. LED tunnel lights other hand, large chemical and agricultural companies, and not by cutting corners to increase their market share, most companies have accepted the biological material, and to invest in this area. As the world's leading specialty polymer materials, services and solutions provider, PolyOne is valued organic materials, especially biological material, and has developed several innovative polymer LED arena lights solutions for key components, including the PC, PC / ABS, ABS and other engineering materials, pigments and additives housing portion for the optical industry, thermal engineering materials heat treatment and thermal diffusion. backpfrontp radiating materials industry and the whole LED tennis court lights industry has been in a critical period, industry insiders estimate that from the second half of this year to the first half of next year to complete the industry reshuffle, eventually left to scale enterprises, but also on the whole enterprise shipments will further enhance the price changes tend to be stable, industry standards more standardized. Looking now LED high bay lights thermal cooling plastic, thermal conductivity of the industry is not very high. Usually the price of 30 yuan less than the thermal conductivity of generally between 1.0-1.3W / MK. If you need to upgrade the thermal conductivity, the price will increase. With the rapid increase in recent years of the LED gym lighting system favored by degrees, thermoplastics future will occupy more market share. backp