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LED Lighting Contest Gangster Merger Between Expansion Tyrant Simply Can Not Stop

Feb 19, 2019

  LianJian photoelectric November 23 evening announcement, to be paid in cash 642 million yuan, and 23.5 yuan / share issue 5609 shares, totaling 1.96 billion acquisition price of four companies, in addition to expanding on the outside of the LED stadium lights industry, more perfect Digital Outdoor Media Group industry chain layout. Meanwhile, the company intends to raise matching funds 1.12 billion yuan. Company's shares continue to be suspended. LED stadium floodlights 19.6 million acquisition of four companies backpfrontp announcement shows that the joint construction of photovoltaic spend 799 million acquisition of Shenzhen City of Mary Network Technology Co., Ltd. 88.88% stake in 496 million acquisition of Shanghai Li Tang Marketing Management Limited 100% of the shares, 364 million acquisition of Shanxi Huahan Wen Communications Limited 100% stake in 300 million acquisition of Ocean Media Culture Co., Ltd. 100% stake in four target company. High power led flood lights LianJian photoelectric said that after consultation with the underlying asset side, the underlying asset transaction price of a total of 1.96 billion yuan, the acquisition price and are made of a combination of equity, which accounted for 32.74 percent cash equity accounting for 67.26%, 16 years Total pro forma results of 148 million yuan. backpfrontp create digital outdoor media, build the first unit backpfrontp photoelectric chairman Liu Hujun recently told Securities Times reporter, said that in order to continue to mergers and acquisitions, integration and development approach to digital Outdoor Media Group's strategic layout. backpfrontp before the acquisition, 1000W LED flood lights the joint construction of photovoltaic has been through the establishment of joint cultural, media sharing and acquisitions, public relations Friends of Extension, precision Focus, Eastar and other companies, to public service, outdoor media network, digital equipment as the core module, to form a soft hardware integration, integration of online and offline digital communications platform. LED tennis court lights June 30 this year, the joint construction of photovoltaic start the implementation of major issues, and ultimately determine the four target company implemented a major reorganization of assets, were involved in search engine advertising, outdoor media operators, one-stop outdoor advertising services, dissemination of creative planning and other activities business. backpfrontp Kang Fulai lighting listed three new board backpfrontp November 24 news, Guangzhou Kang Fulai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. by way of the transfer agreement transfer system in the country shares listed on public sale. LED high bay lights Announcements, Kang Fulai organizer for the Shen Wanhong source securities brokerage, Daxin Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) is responsible for the financial audit, Guangdong Southern Furui De law firm as special counsel. According to the new board backpfrontp Institute data show that Kang Fulai founded in March 2010, mainly engaged in new and efficient electric light, lighting fixtures, lamps and other electrical accessories developed lighting equipment, production and sales. Our products are used in household electronics, lighting, landscape LED airport lighting and lighting engineering and other fields. backpfrontp Siu Chi shares capital increase energy-efficient lighting company backpfrontp 2015,11 23, the twenty-ninth session of Shenzhen Katherine Chi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) Third Board of Directors with 7 votes in favor, 0 votes against and 0 abstentions The result of the vote passed the 'wholly-owned subsidiary of the capital increase on the motion.' To enhance the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Katherine Chi Energy Saving Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as energy-efficient lighting company) capital strength and business qualifications, will help to better carry out its business, the company decided to 150 million of its own funds RMB, energy-saving lighting companies raise capital, after the capital increase, energy-efficient lighting company registered capital will increase from the current 2,000 ten thousand yuan to 17,000 yuan, the company holds 100% stake. backpfrontp after the capital increase energy-efficient lighting company mainly engaged in light-emitting diode (LED) devices, LED backlight products, LED stadium floodlighting products, lighting products or technologies within the industry. backpfrontp Because energy-efficient lighting company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, and therefore the company holds 100% of the shares. backp