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LED Lighting Bitter Stalemate Bright, Are You?

Jan 05, 2017

  Owed 180 million yuan Foshan Tovey: Foshan Some recent naughty, Tovey and Liansu unknown channel involved, Tovey and suppliers tangled relationship, Tovey and his own staff helpless indebtedness,LED stadium lights Tovey and local governments, and various media flash turn maneuvers, wits, causing many people sit on the sidelines. (Click for details) A few days later, my circle of friends out of Dongguan, a company millions owed money supply discuss broke the news article, as media people, I do not know Xiao Di is a tragedy. LED stadium lighting companies frequently appear of funds strand breaks, downstream applications square arrears Tovey who Tovey who then owed to suppliers, suppliers to maintain order, knowing that there is a risk or do, a vicious cycle, which is the industry's wonderful place. These enterprises gradually the ills, I am afraid that someone willing to take the disc are powerless. Di think the root of the problem lies strangled in its infancy then have a third party, you can not be a supply chain finance? Ensure stable supply chain for customers, solve their cash flow, provide loan payment for suppliers to the industry to support the letter. Ah, the third party is a natural Engineering LED. (For more information, please Mengchuo) 2, before being recalled BMW car headlight failure: the new 2015 BMW 3 Series, with the new LED tunne lights headlights, it does not know will not let a tight LED human heart. BMW headlights failure, once again permits and other chiefs along is OSRAM products is not seamless. However, domestic enterprises need not laughing, even T8, bulb, lamp and other light products are doing half-baked, still that price, not to mention the headlights of this demanding high security products. Di afraid to tell you, even the top LED high bay light bulb factory, only two suppliers of car lights, to the depot for light must still go through a provider (such as Hella Group), you want to make more money, first of all to break into a vendor's business district. For now, the pre-installed can not play, after a slight advantage cost automotive lighting equipment on the market can no longer grasp, then it could not save anyone. 3, rail transportation precipitated 3 trillion market: LED arena lights It is also not too depressed as the industry downturn, the industry moving forward, the outlook is very bright. Guangzhou Metro LED lighting, all of a sudden a lot of people excited (stamp this view the majority of the market). Rail traffic lighting from a general lighting, because it is a public facility, not just use a long time, high frequency, high reliability requirements of dead lights fault is zero tolerance. Brick House reminder, the market is great, but not everyone can do. It just tells the majority of LED tennis court lights practitioners who do not lose heart, the market is there, to see if you have no ability to do it. 4, Interconnect Lighting \u0026 middot; wisdom is lit urban theme Sharon convened: This salon is connected to the current hottest two concepts: interconnected, intelligent. Smart City is a big category, industrialization, urbanization and the depth of integration of information technology, from Taking monitored and adjusted to the street WiFi optical communication and positioning. Do street friends are talking about the wisdom of the city, on the professional to do street Kingsun, Gulliver lighting, Li Yang photoelectric halfway decent, Shanghai think twice, and so on, we are talking about smart forcing down prices. Di opinion, this enthusiasm and policies to encourage the industry, next year's street wisdom will spread all over the country cities. This year, Xiao Di participate in various forum, constantly heard proposed Internet + Internet + almost play bad, + Internet are also often made many traditional companies, straw or, jump on the bandwagon worth mentioning, there is this sense of fear, are Ok. LED gym lights companies also shoot each of the offerings, said LED +, in fact, is emboldened. LED replacement rate is getting higher and higher, home, commercial lighting, automotive, medical and so on. Here, I must mention the crystal power, not a small Di Fengcheng Bingjie, but really identify with their phrase, LED will eventually achieve unlimited possibilities.