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LED Light Source Is Widely Used In Plant Lighting---oak Led Stadium Light

Oct 13, 2016

With the rapid development of agricultural facilities, the study of plants, more and more lighting, LED stadium light source with its unique advantages, it is widely used in plant lighting. Since the optical parameters of the plant growth light environments have certain requirements, and therefore need to have the appropriate measurement techniques and instruments to accurately measure the optical parameters of light environment meets the growing needs of the respective plants, in order to select a suitable stadium lights source, to determine the source of the number and arrangement of the light source to provide appropriate solutions to develop applications based on the reasonable needs of the plant to light. high power LED flood light products in the lighting for plant cultivation, not only to consider the basic photometric, radiometric performance, the need based on photosynthesis characteristics of plants, taking into consideration the photon density of plants and plant by face to face in the light of quantum systems and plant photometric system photometric parameters to comprehensive evaluation of the performance of the plant lighting sources. The key factor plant lighting and 1000w led flood lighting product requirements first light quality. Plants generally rely on leaf chlorophyll absorb light irradiation, the absorption bands in the blue and red region in general, as shown in FIG. In plants absorbs light energy through photosynthesis to convert to organic for growth and reproduction. Thus, the lighting plant, it should first consider the absorption bands of irradiance, is generally 400nm ~ 500nm 600nm ~ 700nm irradiance blue and red bands, and the demand to determine the spectral composition selected combination of plant illumination, range, peak wavelength and color temperature.  Secondly, the optical density.led tunnel light Plant accept different optical density, it will directly affect the growth and structure of plants. Such as when the optical density decrease, there will be the same crop reduction, flower bud differentiation delayed adverse ovary development and so on. Because, plants and human eye spectral response characteristics are different, the amount of the human eye to light perception generally achieve luminosity measurement system, and the photosynthesis of plants is generally realized in quantum measurement and evaluation systems and plant photometric system, the evaluation parameters photon flux density (PPFD). Mc.Cree through a large number of studies have shown that between 400-700nm, gym light photosynthetic photon flux density evaluation made effective radiant energy in line with the actual biological effects of light better results. backpfrontp again, light uniformity. Since the LED light has a strong directivity, and there may be a spatial light color uniformity, therefore, in the case of large-scale cultivation should examine plant irradiated surface irradiance uniformity to obtain high-quality uniform lighting environment. backpfrontp Finally, the day long. Spectrum of different plants demand different needs of different growth stages of the spectrum is different, agricultural facilities in artificial light must follow a light physiological characteristics of plants, fill light to achieve the best results. Therefore, not only the need for accurate measurement of the spectral composition of the LED light source, but also can be aware of the change over time in illuminance. backpfrontp plant growth by measuring LED street lighting products backpfrontp conventional plant lighting, often using a light meter to measure the quantum, but the match is actually difficult to achieve perfect spectral match, and even relatively severe mismatch, a greater impact on the measurement accuracy. With the development of spectral measurement technology, based on spectroscopy measurement techniques and equipment are becoming increasingly mature, and gradually apply to plant lighting detection.plant photosynthesis corresponding spectral curve of the human eye's spectral luminous efficiency curve is different, so when evaluating the effect of the various sources of irradiation, to be evaluated according to the spectral response curve of the effect of irradiation plants. The spectroscopy mismatch not only that there are no problems, but also in the whole spectrum of light quality, light density, light uniformity performance of all aspects of lighting products were evaluated. But there is a linear poor and stray light issues such as general spectral measurements, on the other hand limits the measurement accuracy, but also measuring equipment made new demands. Performance evaluation backpfrontp summary China LED lighting products plant involves a number of metering systems, evaluation parameters more, and its spectrum is narrow, either for testing hardware or software, have higher requirements, such as matching and optical radiation detectors Spectral measurement accuracy. backpfrontp LED plant lighting manufacturers and related research institutions should be based on its own or standards, in order to influence of light on plants as the basis, select the appropriate measurement programs, comprehensive and objective evaluation of the performance of LED lighting products plant, and then design a plant growth lighting Fill system or program, do green lighting, energy efficient lighting. backp