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LED Light Companies With 'special' Capture Intelligent Lighting Market---gym Lights

Sep 23, 2016

frontp 2015, the market is quite lively, whether insiders or outsiders lighting enterprise IT,stadium-lights Internet companies, are active in the layout of the smart lighting market. First there is the sun lighting, Linsen and other 13 giant lighting and millet signed a joint statement, after the intelligent cloud Ali, high-power-led-flood-light Taobao Lynx other Internet platforms and many lighting large enterprises Baotuan mutual occasion. backpfrontp each company's actions have demonstrated their ambitions in the field of intelligent lighting. Insiders have said that the current smart lighting is at the Warring States era of warlords dispute.led-bay-light Faced with smoke gradually from the market, some companies will source technology to extend to lighting up the field, and even build entire platform and systems.1000W-led-flood-light backpfrontp However, Liu Lichen Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Marketing Director thinks, light companies do to build a platform and systems are no future. He said that the light source is not necessary in unfamiliar areas and because predators gathered to waste valuable resources to compete,RGB-led-flood-light but should put their products to achieve the ultimate, so to win the long-term development of enterprises. backpfrontp also proved that, despite the extension of the line of lighting business a lot, gym-light but not many success stories. China Tang Guoqing, general manager of Samsung LED large bits of information in an interview with reporters, also spoke, Philips, Osram and other international vertically integrated coffee have done, but without success. Today, Philips Lighting stripped from the Philips Group,tennis-court-light OSRAM General lighting business will be spun off as an independent enterprise operations. backpfrontp Tang Guoqing that, no matter how the development of lighting, the light source is always the most important part. Industry specializing in surgery,led-tennis-light enterprises should first do a light source. He said that Samsung plans in this regard is very clear. Tang Guoqing On the Road: We have always stressed that specialization. Samsung last year launched the intelligent lighting industry,led-bay-light our primary task is to chip and device modules do. backpfrontp course, the development of intelligent lighting market requires cooperation of all sectors of business. Vice president of marketing Ellie believes that in the era of intelligent lighting, light play the role of a connection, the combination of intelligent and airport light. She said, Bridgelux focuses on the process of this nexus, connecting IT and intelligent hardware companies and lighting companies, and provide users with the overall intelligent lighting solutions.