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LED Letters Never Stop Optimizing Innovation CSP Package, LED Modular, Single Source Of Power

Dec 21, 2016

  LED their package types can be divided into plug-in LED stadium lights(also known as LAMP series) and SMD LED (also called SMD series), with the rapid development of breakthrough semiconductor industry and packaging technology SMD products more The widely available, especially in the lighting field. From the Engineering high power LED flood light Industry Institute (GLII) of China LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, and other LED application products in the survey found that the current indoor lighting and outdoor lighting has been basically completed SMD Series Light LAMP series of comprehensive alternative source. backpfrontp current form 1000W LED flood light packaged device with each passing day, from SMD to COB, flip and then from Promise package for development of the industry into a lot of new vitality. As the current packaging industry darling lamp beads 2835, covering power 0.1W to 2W it can be widely used in lamps, bulbs, PAR lamps, lamp, panel lights, and mining lamps and other products. With the LED lighting market development and customer requirements continue to increase, LED tunnel lights products will also continue to optimize innovation, mainly in the following points. backpfrontp a, CSP package backpfrontp in today's lighting market, compete to lower prices, each package promotional banner branded device constantly forced to quickly occupied the LED street lighting market Heights. CSP package homeopathy and health, to a large extent solve the customer requirements for the product cost. CSP package has no board, wire-free, small size and light density advantages. Free backpfrontp real CSP CSP package can be applied directly in the customer's PCB board, effectively shortening the heat source to the heat flow path of the substrate thereby reducing the thermal resistance of the light source.LED bay light Wire-free CSP package also solve the customer due to insecure bonding wire caused by product failure risks, to further enhance the reliability of the product. Source size becomes smaller, the optical density is high also simplifies the difficulty of the secondary optical design. backpfrontp addition, since removed CSP package substrate / holder and gold, making its costs have been substantially reduced. In 0.5W light source, for example, can make use of CSP packaged product costs decreased by 10% -20% on the existing basis. Currently CSP package Samsung has applied to the field of TV backlight, other manufacturers have also developed various LED-related products. backpfrontp CSP package but also has its own technical barriers, such as: CSP products small size,led arena light mechanical strength deficiencies, material sorting test process is difficult, high SMT mount technology requirements, etc. Thus, CSP package Free applications for lighting manufacturers belong to a new subject, there are still many issues to be resolved. backp revolutionary packaging technology roadmap for our product distribution backpfrontp two low thermal resistance, LED high bay light module \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; modular backpfrontp due to market demand continues to increase brightness lamp beads, single high-power lamp beads has been unable to meet the requirements. To meet market demand, multi-application vendors to improve the brightness of the lamp beads program, but this program will result in high cost area increases, is not conducive to the production, the LED module or integrated LED will come into being, and the market is gradually recognition. Features backpfrontp LED modules are: backpfrontp 1, Standardization \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; is conducive to the promotion of LED lamps backpfrontp Currently, RGB LED flood light lamps in the form of all sorts, so to standardized production and marketing of indoor LED luminaires brought great inconvenience. LED module standardization of new entrants into the market, LED lighting manufacturers, only to find on the market standard LED tennis court lights modules to design their own lighting, you do not need to worry about the problem of mass production. Because with a standardized LED module can have a lot of manufacturers choose, in addition to a standardized LED module products can be easily mass-produced. backpfrontp 2, LED lighting manufacturers reduce costs backpfrontp conventional light sources and lighting design only relates to optical structures can be, but because there is no standard LED lighting products, so the current LED lighting manufacturer in addition to the need to hire professionals optics and structure, also you need to configure electronic electrical and thermal and other professionals, greatly increasing the burden on LED lighting manufacturer. Moreover, this new LED gym lighting manufacturers to enter the formation of a high threshold, is not conducive to the development of the LED industry. With the standardization of LED module, then the above problems solved. backpfrontp LED module has been considered since the electronic, electrical, thermal and once again light and other problems, so LED lamps lighting manufacturers only need to consider the structure of secondary cooling and secondary light can be, thereby reducing the threshold of LED lamp factory, LED lighting reduces research and development costs. In addition, the RGB LED flood light modular, application vendors only the light source assembly, thus, greatly enhance the lamp factory production efficiency and shorten lamp factory production cycle. backpfrontp 3, to enhance the overall performance backpfrontp LED lamps LED module clearly defined because the different applications lumen output, color rendering index, system luminous efficiency, color temperature and viewing angle width has other parameters, parameters and specified the industry have reached a higher level , so to enhance the application of LED lighting quality has been greatly improved and effective protection. backp Our second-generation LED module series (now in volume production) backpfrontp Third, the single light source \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; the power of backpfrontp lighting market customers care for nothing but LM / W and LM / \u0026 yen ;, namely higher luminous efficiency, lower prices. Each packaging plant recount to be versatile to meet the needs of the market, to enhance competitiveness of their products. Because LED cooling technology development has been effectively improved, single light source may use more current power source becomes large, the amount spent per watt will become less needed, the cost to the customer will be reduced, the light source market Competitiveness will be larger, the market share will increase. backp our 2835 series power of schematic backpfrontp short, with the need to enhance the chip technology and applications market, LED package size will be smaller and thinner; package power will become increasingly large, easy to control costs, designed to provide a broader space for the application of plant design. (This article is Hongli Opto-electronic submissions) backp