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LED Industry Price War Broke Out All Government Subsidies To Blame?

Dec 13, 2018

ace of cut-throat competition in the market, only continued research and development of innovative technologies, in order to maintain a leading edge in the market. Nichia newly developed flip-chip LED (flip chip) wafer technology installed directly (Direct Mountable Chip), was formally mass production in October. 2016 will continue to actively layout Taiwan, also introduced new spokesman Watanabe in Taiwan meet with the media, to show Taiwan's determination to actively deep. backpfrontp direct mounting of the wafer (Direct Mountable Chip), and past LED packaging process different, with individual chips can be mounted directly on the substrate in a simple configuration, miniaturization, high brightness, high stability advantages. backpfrontp LED manufacturers comprehensive price competition into the Red Sea battle backpfrontp 2016 will go a whole and with the elimination of the estimated overall market growth rate of about 5 percent this year backpfrontp LED flood lights industry oversupply, counting on government subsidies to Chinese industry from the price-cutting price shipments, each International manufacturers have big price war, making the market into a comprehensive battle the Red Sea, 2016 and will be gradually phased out and the whole stage. Living in the LED industry leader Nichia has long invested many resources in technology development, in order to avoid falling into unreasonable price battle. Nichia believes that even small and medium sized LED street lights manufacturers, the key to business survival is still that the technology in order to survive in the future market. Next year China and the European market will continue to slump and chaos, but overall, the overall market will be about 5% of slight growth. backpfrontp Nichia actively involved in technology research and development of new technologies directly mounted LED wafer October backpfrontp actively expand production in Taiwan, a spokesman for the Taiwan market new backpfrontp official debut with the LED street lights industry towards maturity, while business revenue model and technology trends will also be gradually change, keen competition among Nichia believes technology development will be the next competition still able to maintain the advantage of an important strategy, as well as to enhance the standardization of existing products, in order to increase the size of the interests of price competitiveness. backpfrontp dramatic change in response to the development trend of global LED stadium lights industry, this year in March Nichia developed a flip-chip (Flip-Chip) LED football lights chip technology installed directly (Direct Mountable Chip), has been mass production in October. Since its establishment uphold continuing to explore a brighter world (Ever Researching for a Brighter World) spiritual philosophy, Nichia hands grasp the global 30% phosphor and a global market share of 22% LED. Nichia said that every year have invested a lot of money and resources to engage in innovative research and development, which can grasp many important key technologies, expected resources in 2016 for research and development and equipment investment is also more than this year. backpfrontp Nichia 2015 Automotive LED applications up to 20 percent growth rate for 2016 car LED market, Nichia continued optimistic view. Nichia assessment, energy-saving trend will increase due to the LED usage, EV, FCV LED stadium lights applications will continue to increase beyond, DRL, LED headlights use ratio will rise dramatically. UV LED car market and is often regarded as the future of the blue ocean market LED industry, Nichia believes both external addition, Laser Diode market is more worthy of attention. Currently Nichia has successfully cut into the LD projector market, and actively to LD-end technology in the LED stadium lights field. This will also further strengthen the competitiveness of Nichia, and can continue to respond to customer needs with a high standard. backpfrontp Nichia in 1988 in Taiwan to set up Taiwan Nichia Corp., has entered the 27th year, in addition to establishing a close working relationship with many Taiwan companies, the Nichia also attach importance to the exchanges and between Taiwan media, on November 25 The new official spokesman Watanabe introduced in Taiwan to Taiwan media. Watanabe Nichia in Taiwan, initially as a Laser Diode trafficking, are also engaged in LED flood lights, and other related businesses, the spokesman role will be a new challenge, Watanabe said he was happy to take over this heavy responsibility, hope to easy to understand The language, the Nichia's philosophy and approach, to convey to the public, to establish good channels of communication with the outside world. backp