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LED Industry Depression

Feb 28, 2019

   LED stadium lights industry oversupply obscure, Chinese mainland and international LED manufacturers price competition LED industry into the Red Sea to let the battlefield, LED factory also faces a whole and with the elimination, Nichia forecast 2016 LED about 5% of the overall market slightly growth next year, China and the European market will continue to slump, high power LED flood light factory M \u0026 A activity will be more and more, but Nichia is currently no acquisition plan, the mainland Sands acquisitions, Philips Lumileds case, Nichia also believe that this merger hard to come true. backpfrontp China LED factory rely on government subsidies lot of expansion, and the market demand is low, so that the LED industry oversupply in deep trouble, the mainland and international companies price war, resulting in this year's Red LED high bay lights market has become the battlefield, Nichia estimates, 2016 LED-year phase-out and the whole plant will go and. backpfrontp Nichia said that in 2016, about 5 percent overall LED gym lights market growth slightly, but next year China and the European market will continue to slump, M \u0026 A activity will be more and more, Nichia is currently no acquisition plans; and the company's strategy continued research and development of innovative technologies is a long time, the company invested a lot of resources in technology development, improve the standardization of existing products, in order to increase the size of the interests of price competitiveness, so as not to fall into the price battle. backpfrontp for Sands China's acquisition of Philips Lumileds, Nichia said that the current case is blocked by the US government, although Philips said it will continue to communicate with the US government, but Nichia judged the case difficult to come true. As with billion light backpfrontp patent lawsuit issue, Akutagawa Katsuyuki said the two sides did not fully trust relationship, but lopsided, there is no chance of reconciliation in the short term. The LED street lights industry to the sophistication of the field, no longer to mimic the way to win, will need to invest more R \u0026 D and technology, we can open up a sky in the market. backpfrontp response to market demand, Nichia in March this year, developed a flip-chip (Flip-Chip) LED technology - direct mounting of the wafer (Direct Mountable Chip), and mass production was in October, and the future will continue to import lighting LCD applications, estimated next year production is expected to reach 3 times of the year. backp