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LED Industry BDO Runda Competition In The Short Term Is Difficult To Stabilize The Gross Margin Rate

Oct 22, 2016

 LED stadium light zhuangao semi-annual financial results, from January to June 2015, BDO Runda operating income reached 2.054 billion yuan, an increase of 6.15%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 14.8872 million yuan , which fell 54.63%.High power LED flood light industry competition intensifies, the relevant LED chips, lighting products prices continue to decline, the company 1000W LED flood light chip and application products revenue fell 5.53 percent. Product gross margin, the company in the first half gross margin fell 5.66 percentage points, mainly LED chip and Application Product prices and corporate high-margin categories LED bay light products accounted for the decline affected by the decline in the first half of the company's overall gross margin LED products 9.48%, decline significantly. backpfrontp face performance in the first half of the decline, BDO Runda business improved in the second half still remain cautious. LED tunnel light industry competition intensified, continued to fall and downstream LED lighting chip prices cause more pressure to the enterprise. Although the LED penetration rate rising, but the LED arena light chip and lighting corporate profit margins continue to be compressed, the future will continue to be subject to the overall gross margin performance LED chips and lighting prices dragged down. tennis court light business continued to adjust product structure, if the high-margin product revenue accounted for LED display continues to decrease in the short term is difficult to stabilize gross margins BDO Runda enterprises. backpfrontp Recently, let BDO Runda LED industry has become the focus of heated debate is more than the rumors of mergers and acquisitions, involving the Osram lighting business and a domestic market of LED companies.