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Led High Bay Light,OAK LED Stadium Light,gym Light,high Power Led Flood Light

Sep 23, 2016

 backpfrontp NO.6 Red Cloud South photovoltaic, 2014 operating income of 40.8916 million yuan, an increase of 54.51%; net profit of 3,450,500 yuan, the company is actually controlled by China North Industries Group.stadium lights 2015 January-April revenues of 16,188,700 yuan. backpfrontp Aolei De photoelectric company's main products for active OLED microdisplays ,, 2013, 2014, 2015, January-April the company export revenues abroad were 15,896,700 yuan, 27,902,800 yuan, 8.6146 million yuan, accounting for 60.07% of revenue, 68.24%, 53.21%, showing the company mainly in overseas markets. backpfrontp NO.7 Changxing Cody photoelectric,high-power-led-flood-light 2014 operating income of 20.9444 million yuan, down 8.46%, net profit of 865,500 yuan, an increase of 24.69%. backpfrontp Cody photoelectric company's main business is the development of LED lighting products, production and sales.1000W-LED-flood-light 2015 January-April revenues of 7,801,300 yuan. backpfrontp NO.8 in Guangdong to build God Bless lighting, in 2014 operating income of 48.8305 million yuan, an increase of 378.31%; net profit of 1.486 million yuan. backpfrontp God Bless lighting in the building industry as the main lighting project,RGB-led-flood-light the main customers for urban landscape and the integration of sales professional sports lighting engineering solutions, lighting design and LED lamps. backpfrontp NO.9 Haiqi Yu photoelectric, 2014 operating income of 13.955 million yuan, gym-lights an increase of 101.88%; net profit of 761,600 yuan, an increase of 298.74%. backpfrontp Haiqi Yu Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional development, and manufacturing LED lamps, HID lamps and electrical appliances jamming device companies. Currently leading products have LED lamps surge protector,tennis-court-light LED lighting power supply, HID lamp electronic ballasts, and other lighting products. January-March 2015, operating income was 3.9374 million yuan. backpfrontp NO.10 Hangzhou Lin'an Hang Seng, 2014 operating income of 37.7147 million yuan, down 22.43%; net profit of 475,200 yuan, an increase of 191.99%. backpfrontp Hangzhou Lin'an Hang production and sales of the entire light products, including energy-saving lamps and LED lamps,led-tennis-light part of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting products export sales. 2015 January-March revenue of 8,865,600 yuan. backpfrontp NO.11 Shenzhen State Metallurgical star power, in 2014 operating income of 158,324,000 yuan, an increase of 16.78%; net profit of 13.5756 million yuan, an increase of 150.3%. backpfrontp rule of the star power is mainly engaged in LED packaging, with lattice digital, Lamp LED, SMD LED three series products. 2015 January-March revenue of 48,548,700 yuan. backpfrontp NO.12 Chongqing Rui Bo Photoelectric, 2014 operating income of 48.4683 million yuan, an increase of 167.93%; net profit of 7,132,500 yuan, an increase of 460.33%.led-bay-light backpfrontp Chongqing Rui Bo photoelectric main production of automotive LED lamps, the main products are automotive environment lights, car dome light, the main customers for Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd., in 2015 from January to March, 2014 Year 2013 Company of the Year for Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. and Branch sales of the company's total sales revenue ratio was 90.02%, 84.44%, 71.43%. backpfrontp NO.13 Shenzhen, Germany Runda Optoelectronics, 2014 operating income of 36.5863 million yuan, an increase of 54.22%; net profit of 777,500 yuan, an increase of 3992.11%.led-stadium-light backpfrontp Germany Runda Optoelectronics mainly engaged in high-power LED packaging and LED lighting products production and sales. 2015 January-March revenue of 9,474,500 yuan. backpfrontp NO.14 lighting Anhui million people, in 2014 operating income of 34.1833 million yuan, an increase of 25.34%; net profit of 462,800 yuan, an increase of 13.57%. backpfrontp million people lighting the main production of energy-saving lamps, 2015 January-March revenue of 6,921,800 yuan.China led light Although the company will be LED lighting products as a key area for future development, but LED lighting revenue accounted for less than 20%. backpfrontp NO.15 Guangzhou Kang Fulai lighting, in 2014 operating income of 13.9147 million yuan, an increase of 406.82%; net profit of 1.257 million yuan. 2015 January-March revenue of 2,316,400 yuan. backpfrontp Guangzhou Kang Fulai lighting main business of LED lighting products exports, 2013, 2014, 2015, January-March the company export revenues accounting for operating income ratio was 98.04%, 92.92%, 87.01%. backpfrontp NO.16 Anhui China shows 2014 annual revenues of 16.8194 million yuan, an increase of 32.27%; net profit of 779,200 yuan, down 24.55 percent. Gross margin was 18.46%.stadium-lighting backpfrontp Statistics show that China show is the development, production, sales and service in one of the electronic optoelectronic devices professional manufacturers, the main products: high-definition bright LED display system, microwave detection and control systems, LED lighting and lighting control products wisdom, UV infrared detectors and other items. 2015 January-February revenue of 628,400 yuan. backpfrontp NO.17 Kim Sang New Energy, 2014 annual revenue of 5,227,500 yuan, down 9.76%, net loss of 207,500 yuan, down 359.07 percent. backpfrontp government procurement accounts for the proportion of gold is still new energy revenues were 96.65%, 76.68% and 94.19%, mainly sales customer for government agencies, excessive concentration of customer types. Our main products are solar lights and solar-frequency vibration killing lamp, currently the main market for all levels of government and municipal road projects in Yantai City Agricultural Bureau of insecticidal lamps each project, a greater impact on the company's operating income. 2015 January-February revenue was only 187,100 yuan. backpfrontp NO.18 Shenzhen Kai Qi Jia Technology, 2014 operating income of 40.218 million yuan, an increase of 101.69%; net profit of 705,300 yuan. backpfrontp Kai Qi Jia main production of electrolytic capacitors, capacitor products include bolts and lug type capacitors. During the reporting period, the company's revenue comes from sales of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The company's future plans to expand into other product areas capacitor film capacitors, super capacitors.stadium-floodlights 2015 January-April revenues of 15,846,100 yuan. backpfrontp NO.19 Shenzhen Kalsi Koken, 2014 operating income of 59.3307 million yuan, an increase of 11.6%; net profit of 12.6212 million yuan, an increase of 42.58%. backpfrontp Kalsi Koken main business profits mainly from industrial mercury short arc xenon lamp, long arc UV lamps, capillary mercury and entertainment / movie industry with short-arc xenon lamp, its downstream customers are mainly industrial PCB production enterprises, the major cinema line, all kinds of stage entertainment projects.airport-light 2015 January-March revenue of 14,980,700 yuan. LED production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) expects the second half of 2015, market concentration will be further enhanced in various fields leading enterprises will be more technical advantages and economies of scale. With the rapid increase demand for LED lighting, LED industry will usher in the peak period of development, industry chain will enter a new round of expansion, fabric channels to grab more market share. backpfrontp This will undoubtedly require new three panels with the power of capital markets, GLII expected future pace of LED companies listed three new board will accelerate. backp