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Led High Bay Light,OAK LED Stadium Light,gym Light,high Power Led Flood Light

Sep 22, 2016

  Engineering LED Huang Yaping] market direction in 2015, has become the industry recognized the LED lighting industry M \u0026 A. LED production and research, according to the Institute of Engineering (GGII) survey data show that this year the LED lighting industry merger integration event has reached 36, stadium-lights involving a total of 30 billion yuan trading. Among them, the Jinsha River to $ 3.3 billion acquisition of Lumileds80.1% stake champion.led-stadium-light LED small pitch spacing has been going down, all aspects of technology has reached a relatively mature stage, the application has become increasingly widespread in the market. Under the joint efforts of the industry manufacturers, LED small spacing rapid development,high-power-led-flood-light in the process, LED small pitch technology has been upgraded, the market has matured. Huizhou nine Cong lighting building materials market shuttered due to rent disputes, currently more than 10 remaining lighting shop to stay without electricity anhydrous environment.1000W-led-flood-light Merchant refers to the shopping malls unilaterally terminate the contract with the developer, the mall responded that rent is owed more than 400 million, weakness stick. Glue market basically formed a tripod pattern, RGB-led-flood-light respectively, Dow Corning is represented by overseas companies, with Lite as the representative of Taiwan enterprises and domestic enterprises glue. The long dominated the Chinese market LED glue Dow Corning and Lite has ushered in China's domestic enterprises to declare war. Jufei listed companies photoelectric leading position in the field of small and medium-size backlight has begun to suffer the impact of competitors, stadium-floodlights the first half of 2015 LED backlit revenues and gross profit are showing a downward trend. Lehman's first investment in the development of Internet ++ sports products, APP has officially launched the first 12 people to provide football related information, games, electricity providers, SMG and other services for the Chinese fans. Early 2015, Dongshan Precision set by raising nearly 1.2 billion yuan expansion, of which 458 million yuan to invest in LED device production projects, as of June 30, 2015, the equity investment project has invested 27.821 million yuan, 6.21% Complete schedule .teennis-court-light Shares in the first half Keheng LED project achieved operating income of 20.1502 million yuan, an increase of 18.26%. Recently, Mason Technologies plan to increase stake in Zhongshan City Lighting Co., Ltd. Auman, merger integration has become an important weapon Mason technology. Dry according to optical recently received Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee of the Fourth pen grants totaling 50,064,300.0 yuan. The first half of 2015 LED lighting business advantages of scale to further expand sunlight, LED business accounted for 66%,led-tunnel-light while the traditional energy-saving lamp business continued to decline to 632 million yuan, income share dropped to 33%. The first half of 2015, operating income increased 19.80% Silan Integrated Circuits year earlier. The main drivers of revenue growth is integrated LED lighting driver circuit shipments increased significantly. An optical three equity investment projects in Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. LED industrial projects has invested 2.141 billion yuan,high-power-led-stadium-light 77.92 percent progress of the project reached the original plan. Raise investment projects have been gradually put into operation in April 2015. Big Data July Guzhen Lighting price index data released a total of four, namely, 125.16 points, 121.98 points, 124.37 points and 121.15 points, the average monthly number of 123.17 points, compared with 123.68 points in June mean the chain fell 0.5%. Intelligent lighting market presents tremendous growth potential in the coming years, in 2020 the intelligent lighting market is expected to reach $ 8.14 billion, a CAGR between 2015 and 2020 was 22.07%.