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[Annual] Exported To North America DLC Certification Upgrade The New Regulations Affect The Geometry?

Jan 08, 2019

 ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] North American market is now becoming a hot new growth of domestic enterprises, compared to the domestic market, the North American market is more mature and rational, relevant policies and regulations relatively perfect, product testing requirements are also higher. backpfrontp is well known in the United States and Canadian markets, DLC has gradually become an essential certification LED stadium lights lamps, and it can make end customers get huge government subsidies. backpfrontp Recently, DLC and update the technical specifications, upgrade the new specification adds new product categories, including wall-mounting lamp and common corn lights. backpfrontp test detection chairman Nie Pengxiang Li said, after,High power led flood lights wall mount lights and corn light because the application can not DLC, users can not get the subsidy, which to some extent limit the use of such products. But after the DLC upgrade to V3.1 version, not only solved the problem of subsidies on product innovation and applications will also have a great role in promoting. After backpfrontp with subsidies to support the user wishes to purchase these products will be more intense, but it means in terms of the manufacturers will sell more products, but also will give Chinese exporters a better chance. Nie Pengxiang representation. backpfrontp However, although in recent years a growing number of 1000W LED flood lights enterprises fighting overseas, but frequent quality problems, the industry believes that the future of enterprises to enter the overseas market, to solve the supply chain, quality control and resource integration issues looming, which, professional The LED detection mechanism will play a very important role. backpfrontp Reed Testing International is committed to providing quality one-stop solution for LED stadium floodlights business, its services ranging from spare parts to finished product testing, covering the security, performance, reliability, as well as energy efficiency and other aspects of LED street lighting products . backpfrontp degree of professional products for the detection of us is the industry's leading, Reed test detection hoping our experience to help companies better access to the US market, and faster to obtain certification. Nie Pengxiang representation. backpfrontp Nie Pengxiang noted that the company has been with the DLC maintained good communication, but also usually the manufacturer wishes to convey to the DLC, since the expansion of sub-standard entries upgrade product testing involves a variety of US manufacturer of lamps, Reed Testing International team We have a rainy day, ready to give all the relevant lamps to ensure the timeliness of products entering the market stronger. backpfrontp addition, Nie Pengxiang said that as a LED airport lights industry to provide technical support and service organization, with the help of overseas buyers to good quality at the same time, Reed Testing International hopes to help more Chinese enterprises to break the technical barriers to trade overseas, improve technical standards in order to achieve and even exceed the respective target market access requirements to ensure the smooth flow of exports. backpfrontp at December 11 --12 days, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the fifth floor Azalea Hall at the 2015 annual meeting of LED Engineering, Nie Pengxiang will with guests on LED high bay lights export certification, testing and abroad to discuss the lighting market demand. In the congregation to raise registration, please scan the next Fanger Wei code: backp