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[Annual] To See How Crystal Electronics By CSP To Achieve Leapfrog Development

Dec 27, 2018

  ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] 2015 for Jinko is concerned, it is the rapid development of the year. Whether it is company size or production capacity, than the previous year, a leap of development. When it comes to overall market conditions throughout 2015, Dr. Xiao Guowei Crystal Electronics president said excitedly. backpfrontp It is reported that the production company Jingke in each product can have improved significantly, which, small power SMD products monthly production capacity has reached 800KK, while EMC product can produce also broke 200KK. backpfrontp year the company has more than 30% increase in the import of new TV backlighting, obviously outstanding under this single downward trend in sales prices, LED stadium lighting products in the market to usher in a huge application, the overall sales volume reached nearly 30 percent more than the growth rate, and if simply calculated from the LED stadium floodlights device package up, it can even reach 50%. Xiao Guowei expressed. backpfrontp It is understood that, as a domestic high-brightness LED integrated chip leading brand of Crystal Electronics, compared to conventional packaging products currently on the market, the biggest advantage is to have a core of outstanding core technology. As the LED tennis court lights industry chain in the upper reaches of the core chip and lighting products manufacturer and supplier, since its inception, Crystal Electronics adhere to the independent research and innovation route, now has the core technology patents up to more than 100 items. backpfrontp We also have a 80 person R \u0026 D team highly educated high-quality, research and innovation capability has been the structure of the flip-chip industry first, and the large-scale production capacity also contributed to the expansion of basic industries of scale. We already have factories and R \u0026 D production base of 35,000 square meters, to build Nansha high power LED flood lights industry cluster, is expected over the next five years to achieve the output value of 50 billion yuan scale park. Xiao Guowei expressed. backpfrontp planning for the future, the near future we plan to further expand the scale of production will begin Jingke Group industrial park construction, aims to enhance the product and technology development capabilities, will fully develop high-end 1000W LED flood light chip-level sources have different competitive advantages, the modules light source and the optical components / products for light engine market. Xiao Guowei mentioned. backpfrontp Meanwhile, Jingke will also actively contribute to the establishment of industry standards to light engine, for example, crystal families in addition to continued efforts on the one hand in the LED airport lighting standard optical module level, but also the level of active optical components two level three product development, lead to the standardization of LED interior lighting direction, to build a LED stadium lights source and the optical components of the device light engine brand. When it comes to packaging backpfrontp future trends, Xiao Guowei also said that the future new growth point of the packaging industry will be toward intelligent direction, for example, the current television screen is not the simple past, but a computer; now lighting not just lighting, more is the use of lighting to create an atmosphere. From watching television to use the TV, the lights from the lighting to the application, the smart home is actually a family of intelligent information platform. backp