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LED Faucet Sen Eligible Capital 10.91% Stake In The Development Of Grain---led Stadium Floodlight

Nov 11, 2016

 Market direction in 2015, the global economy into a deep adjustment and rebalancing the new normal background, LED stadium light industrial structure adjustment pains follow. Standing at the crossroads of development of the industry, LED lighting listed companies have chosen in the capital market force, once again set off a new round of mergers and acquisitions wave. As the market competition, low-power market chaotic mess, not only of varying quality, the price is a mess, the most direct example is the stadium lights T8 tube price war. ZigBee (ZigBee protocol) based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard, already widely present in the lamp, such as a smart, smart door locks, motion sensors, temperature sensors and other large emerging networking equipment, and has a high ownership. Semiconductor lighting industry has a blue ocean red sea, business survival increasingly serious situation. Split international companies seeking to sell the buyer, domestic enterprises wanton fight to find a way out,high power led flood light is to be able to get better or new areas of development in the lighting industry. With the recent drastic reform of the sports industry, restructuring of listed companies have also rushed to the sports industry, in order to tap its 5 trillion yuan market gold mine. Listed Companies on September 10 evening, the domestic LED faucet Linsen (002745.SZ) announced that intends to invest 180 million yuan of its own funds to develop equity crystal Lighting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the development of the grain), by way of capital expansion 10.91% of the equity shares of obtaining development crystals. Foshan 1000W led flood Light announcement, the company's largest shareholder --OSRAM GmbH, and Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Group signed a Share Purchase Agreement, the transfer price of 2.621 billion yuan will be 100% of the shares to the latter,led tunnel light after the completion of the transaction, Guangdong Province has become the electronic information industry group Foshan Lighting's largest shareholder. Feile Audio-Visual September 9 evening announcement said the company officially hired HSBC as financial advisor to the acquisition of exclusive international Osram lighting business projects. Recently, Shenzhen City, Guangzhou Optoelectronics Corp. are listed three new board audit, while in Jiangsu send Connaught photoelectric transfer has been disclosed today in the new board formally. Foshan led bay Light and Bain Capital (Hong Kong) Limited issues suspend planning a major acquisition. Cases involving complex matters relating to no agreement, so the company decided to terminate the planning of the major M \u0026 A matters. Since September 9, 2015 opening date for resumption. OSRAM is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, the second factory, led arena light today officially put into operation in order to further expand its production capacity in the region. The new plant will employ approximately 500 employees, mainly the production of automotive lighting and display areas. Chau Ming Technology spent 30 million yuan to set up Shenzhen Qianhai Chau Ming Investment Management Limited, will become an important platform for the company's external investment management. Hongli Opto-electronic Sept. 7 night announcement, there is an invention patent has been granted a patent, and obtain the relevant patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. Big data according to the latest 2015 customs statistics show that in January 2015 to May, China's exports amounted to 260 million LED street lighting display US dollars, the export volume of 44 million units. Among this, exports in May amounted to approximately 59 million US dollars, accounting for 22.22 percent of about five months before the sum. The first half of 2015 Taiwan LED epitaxy, chip value of about NT $ 19.8 billion yuan, nearly 20 percent decline, package, module output value of NT $ 44.9 billion yuan, barely hold a slight decline of the situation, while the top ten domestic LED dies plant more turned from a surplus of NT $ 089 million yuan loss of NT $ 1.13 billion yuan. Look overseas recently, Mitsubishi Chemical tests found Classic GLS LED bulb does not pass the electric strength test, does not comply with European electrical safety standards. Currently, the British authorities have taken enforcement of these products withdrawn from the market and recall measures. White RGB LED flood light is still room for improvement, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) researchers have now developed a new, unusual method for producing most of their LED lights are made from fluorescent proteins together. Northeast India Railway (NER) through the installation of solar panels and energy-saving LED bulbs on their devices to support the government's energy saving plan. It plans to use 56,500 sets of LED T5 tube light in the near future to replace 40W lighting. American Exposition in a series of LED devices, each system has more than one hundred LED, can provide the desired emission wavelength of the light intensity and control of growers, making it possible to create optimized to different plant species required spectrum. backp