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LED Enterprises To Accelerate The Transformation Of Snow Wright UAV Business Among The Top Three Industries

Feb 08, 2017

 consumer survey and aerial drones market CAGR of 220%, 1-fold increase in 2015, the market is estimated that the UAV market space is more conservative. UAV Innovation Grand leading 70% market share, in 2012 and 2013, a CAGR of 222%,stadium lights 2015 revenue is expected to increase 1 times, breaking the $ 1 billion. Global consumer-level and aerial surveying scale UAV has reached $ 1.67 billion, Teal and other market research agencies underestimated its growth. backpfrontp Wright is the market's only independent research and development production and consumption level, aerial drones enterprises. Investors Wright awareness is still stuck in the traditional and LED stadium lighting applications business, we believe that Wright is accelerating transformation technology companies, consumer machines and UAV aerial survey business growth than the market expected, the market for snow Wright UAV market position lack of knowledge. In addition, the market has undervalued its new LED tunnel light products automotive headlamps future growth and market position. backpfrontp company UAV business among the top three industries. Manta UAV holding companies to increase business intelligence, its founder Magi United States, but also the UAV players, product technology and experience the advantages are obvious. 2016 company UAV production capacity will reach 50,000 / month, achieve four-fold increase. In 2015 the company will achieve 050 million UAV business income, sales of around 17,000. Another industry leader in zero-controlled revenue is expected to exceed 100 million, inferred Consumer drone aircraft and aerial survey of domestic business has been among the top three. high power LED flood light headlamps save billions car niche market, leading technology companies, is expected before loading into the market. The most conservative assumptions, the 2020 LED headlamps market space 6 billion, taking into account the accelerated penetration of 1000W LED flood light headlamps, the future ten billion niche market can be expected. Wright is the only two capable of producing quality level LED tennis court lights headlamps before loading companies, product positioning in the end models on the market, before the installation is expected to enter the market, to achieve revenue growth 140,000,000 / models. backpfrontp lighting products business growth is guaranteed, and executives holdings of equity incentive display confidence. 2015 company restructuring enterprises and technology companies LED gym lights applications. The company's traditional energy-saving lamps, LED street lighting, LED display, HID product revenues were 1.5,2.5,1.2 and 100 million, product revenue balance, earnings growth is guaranteed. The first half of 2015 the company implemented incentive, executive director in September holdings of company stock plan within three months, the amount of not less than 30 million. Equity incentive covering the core backbone of the entire business, unlocking conditions in 2014 net profit as the base, 15--17-year net profit growth rate of not less than 415%, 500% and 600%. backp