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LED Display 'High Brightness' = 'high Energy'?

Jan 16, 2017

 LED display for how to achieve energy efficiency, I believe a lot of laps in people naturally are not unfamiliar, it is nothing more than the bright LED stadium lights beads, driver IC, switching power supply, energy-saving design and other aspects structure implemented. backpfrontp but I do not know since when, perhaps in some manufacturers intentionally or unintentionally respected, high-energy concept is being blurred high brightness and quietly replaced the premise of the same cost, the higher the brightness of the display, the more energy-efficient, and has higher price advantage, and now seems to be popular belief, people. backpbackpfrontp know, LED stadium lighting as a new light technology, based on light-emitting diode-based, as opposed to traditional light sources with low energy consumption, high brightness properties. However, in the field of LED display, whether the fact that really so? Paradox backpfrontp about high energy backpfrontp In fact, the goal is to achieve a good energy saving, the excessive pursuit of high-brightness and energy-saving phase deviation. Technical Director crystal Taiwan shares Shaopeng Rui told Engineering LED. backpfrontp It is understood that the drive current is proportional to the brightness of the LED display to currently more popular 12000cd / m2 high brightness high power LED flood light display, for example, the brightness of 12000 cd / m2 is to increase the drive current due. However, since the LED light source itself, the physical characteristics of the decision, the high brightness LED display will inevitably accompanied by high attenuation, low and stable. backpfrontp Moreover, this is not conducive to long-term use of high attenuation requirements of the 1000W LED flood light display, but also become excessive pursuit of high brightness birth defects, and these birth defects multiplier effect will be to damage the life and the effect of LED display screen. Shaopeng Rui mentioned. backpfrontp According to highlight relevant test agency inspection PH16mm display as an example, this section high-brightness LED tunnel lights display test data show: 12000cd / m2 brightness within two years will be critical attenuation of 8000cd / m2, its decay rate of 20 years %the above. backpfrontp more serious is that, after the brightness from 12000cd / m2 down to 8000cd / m2, its high operating current situation does not change, the more its light attenuation faster speed, resulting in the latter part of the decay speed several times, a high Attenuation of the display. The testing agency officials said, when the device is in this light attenuation of a vicious cycle, the screen can not meet the requirements of long-term use. backpfrontp Therefore, the market value of the overemphasis on high brightness LED high bay light display manufacturing technology is concerned it does not mean the technology leader, but a serious sacrifice life in exchange for the display of high-current high-brightness. On the contrary, it is inevitable people have flashy, stretched too. backpfrontp cause light pollution backpfrontp According to the professional sector identification, life in the brightness of the sun is generally 2000cd, with the continuous improvement of outdoor LED display technology currently available, mostly outdoor LED display brightness 5000cd, or higher, can He said to be twice the sun's brightness. backpfrontp Therefore, if the installation location outdoor LED arena light display is too low, when the naked eye for the human cornea and iris likely to cause harm, visual fatigue and decreased vision of the phenomenon, in serious cases, it can severely affect the central nervous system of human brain, people I feel dizzy, nausea and vomiting. Accumulate Zhang Zhibin, director of technology companies display products represented. backpfrontp and, currently on the market in order to achieve a bright display some effect will stop flashing, when the human eye look kind of display, if the optical frequency is too high, it would be human retinal macular impact, long-term Injury can cause macular degeneration. backpbackpfrontp current, light pollution has been very serious global cities, many countries and even the introduction of laws and regulations to strictly control outdoor lighting and display brightness, LED high bay light screen as many high brightness display technology in one, almost become dominant outdoor display, but Once in the night, the screen is too bright it will become an invisible \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 rsquo ;, pollution which has become an urgent need to address future problems. Cai Ming, director of marketing science and technology three continents mentioned. backpfrontp addition, high brightness will result in increased cost of the overall project, whether users really need such a high brightness is questionable, most likely will cause performance wasted. All in all, the simple pursuit of high brightness is actually extremely harmful, when consumers buy LED tennis court lights display, to be based on their own needs, considering the price and display applications demand, should not blind pursuit of high brightness. GGII (production and research LED gym lights Engineering Research Institute) senior analyst Lee germinal last mentioned.