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LED Display China's Exports In The First Half 2015 Amounted To 260 Million Dollars

Nov 08, 2016

 2015 according to the latest customs statistics show that in January 2015 to May, China's exports amounted to 260 million led display US dollars, stadium lights the export volume of 44 million units. Among this, exports in May amounted to approximately 59 million US dollars, accounting for 22.22 percent of about five months before the sum. backpfrontp the first half of 2015 LED display export another noteworthy phenomenon is that China's LED stadium light display industry Export concentration remains high, although dominated by the traditional markets (Europe, North America) change in status is not particularly significant, but the share of market share has being reduced, Russia, Brazil, India and other emerging markets in Eastern Europe as well as Africa and Latin America is growing rapidly. backp2015 first half of the high power LED flood light display industry analysis frontp export data from the corresponding export market, the US, Germany is still the largest export destination, with 2014 more different changes Russian market. January-May 2014, Russia was only China's eighth exporter of purpose, but by 2015, it had risen to third place position, trading value increased by 52.33%, this growth rate almost to the amazing point. There are more than 160 countries worldwide sourcing from China display led, Russia was the most eye-catching performance in emerging markets.1000W LED flood light The top ten export destinations were the United States, Germany, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Great Britain, Italy, China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands. Among them, the export destination for American enterprises reached 54, export destination for the German companies have 30, exports to Russia, there are 26 companies. According to customs statistics,led street lighting turnover amounted to millions of dollars of business a total of five: backpfrontp data show that from January to May 2015, Chinese exports to Russia of LED arena light display products amounted to $ 13 million. In view of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it is expected to demand in this market will continue to grow. However, due to the industry's small businesses continue to flood the market, so the competition is bound to become increasingly fierce. backpfrontp export volume and value of Chinese exports to Russia annually LED display, and its development trend for all to see. Despite the economic downturn in the first half of this year in Russia, the ruble devaluation, the domestic LED tunnel light display enterprises to open up the Russian market a little hesitation and deep, but the expansion of the Russian LED market demand is always attractive. backpfrontp addition, the data show that although China's LED bay light display currently export regions is still mainly concentrated in Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions, but the international market is still large piece of cake, established BRICS summit mechanism, so that China and Russia economic development in Brazil, India, South Africa among countries closely together. China, the world's most dynamic economic region, has great potential for development of trade and good trade policy support, we can predict the future LED street lighting display for export BRIC countries can expand the huge space. backp