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LED Been Mixed Third Quarter Results Of Listed Companies Merger Is Still Hot

Feb 14, 2017

 Followed by three quarterly disclosure of a large number of successive expansion and performance prediction, LED stadium lights industry situation also appears clear: in the published notice of the performance of 13 companies, seven of performance increase, down six performance; industry competition, gross margins decline become a major trend, and through mergers and acquisitions to expand their business scope is the thickening of the performance of many companies the main style. Analysts hinted that the fourth quarter of the lighting industry into the season, it is estimated the cost of LED stadium lighting products will become more constant, the market share will be further concentrated to the industry leader, thus, the future of the industry mergers and acquisitions is still hot and spectacle. Gross margin decreased to normal backpfrontp backpfrontp decline in third quarter results mentioned reasons, has announced results notice Mason Technologies, dry according to optical, HC SemiTek, Jufei optoelectronics, South optoelectronics, Foshan LED tunnel lighting and other six companies are invariably due to the fierce competition in the market, the price decline in the sale of the company's products, decreased gross margin. backpfrontp Although the company's third quarter sales increased year on year, and the table included in the scope of the photoelectric effect from June and the date of the acquisition, but by market competition factors, the price decline in the sale of the company's products, a decline in gross margin in the third quarter, sales revenue did not increase Expected arrival. Mason Technologies as promised to explain reasons for the decline in the third quarter results. Mason Technologies performance forecast shows the first three quarters of this year net profit of 28,996,700 to 34,113,800 yuan, up down 0-15%. backpfrontp and performance of the company who do not have merger expansion of the decline more, in addition to decline in gross profit margin, the exchange rate changes and increase R \u0026 D investment is one of the causes of performance decline. backpfrontp despite the decline in gross margin, but with the arrival of the peak season in the fourth quarter shipments, LED high bay light industry is still worth the wait. Dongxing Securities research reports that followed behind slowly phased out of production capacity,high power led flood lighting product prices will gradually change, market share will also be focused on the industry leader, and hinted optimistic about the three safety optoelectronics, Hongli Opto-electronic, Riyadh, sunshine lighting. backpfrontp merger integration is an industry wide trend backpfrontp just gross margin decline, but in the published notice of the performance of the 1000W LED flood light industry chain, the company still has more than half of the forecasted situation and even doubled the performance mostly appear. According to Reporters statistics, there are over seven industry company announced a forecasted announcement, shares in the third quarter, which Jiawei forecasted 146.28 to 175.07 percent, Chau Ming Technology three quarters forecasted to 125-147%, joint construction of photoelectric forecasted 103.39 to 116.51 percent, Liard estimated to have increased performance 90-110%. backpfrontp the whole,led tennis court lights of the industrial chain and cross-industry mergers and acquisitions, to expand the scope and form is the main reason for the above-mentioned increase in the company's performance. Such as the joint construction photoelectric suggests that its acquisition of timeshare advertising media Ltd. Sichuan in May and tables included in the scope of public relations staff Ltd. Shanghai Friends of Extension and Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd. since March included the consolidation scope, thickening performance;gym lights Liard implied, Lai Fung culture since July incorporated into the consolidated financial statements, the consolidated financial statements incorporated Glux since August. In addition, the acquisition of rectangular lighting Shenzhen Kang Ming Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. and tables, performance Jiawei shares will increase from its acquisition of Jiangsu Huayuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. since April. backpfrontp LED gym lights industry mergers and acquisitions, integration will also maintain high fever situation in the future for some time. Insiders hint one respondent. backpfrontp According to incomplete statistics, Mason Technologies, the joint construction of photovoltaic, Riyadh, Jiawei shares, BDO Runda, Kingsun LED industry chain and other six companies are in suspension, operating Zhuang major issues. In addition, while several companies have announced a merger plan. backpfrontp analysts hinted that followed the decline in gross profit LED arena lights industry, farewell brutal development, mergers and acquisitions within the industry consolidation intensified, which helps improve the industry concentration, but also for those who have outstanding skills and development and expansion of the scope of the advantages of the leading companies opportunity. backp