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Lamps Into A Single Product According To The Second Largest Export Enterprises To Accelerate The Layout Overseas

Jan 13, 2017

 hot conditions in overseas markets is nothing new. Intense competition in the domestic LED stadium lights market so that more and more companies began turning to overseas. September 14, Chau Ming Technology (300323.SZ) announcement, the company intends to increase holdings century tripod yuan 10% stake. backpfrontp century tripod yuan is dedicated to the Hungarian national public lighting renovation project and the establishment of investment companies, the century tripod yuan to increase their investment,led stadium lighting science and technology is an important pilot Chau Ming LED lighting overseas business and EMC contract energy management business into overseas markets. It will also create earnings growth for the company, help the company to lay a good foundation in overseas lighting. Prior to the proposed acquisition of backpfrontp Feile Audio-Visual OSRAM channel business,high power led flood light is also aimed at the layout of the overseas market, accelerate global operations, opening an international strategy to accelerate overseas market competition. LED production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) released the '2015 Annual China LED lighting export data report' shows that the first half of this year the domestic 1000W LED flood lights exports reached $ 4.709 billion, an increase of 16.5%. Among them, the United States is the largest export destination, the first half of this year, the US market demand for LED to show explosive growth, LED lighting products imported from China amounted to 1.095 billion yuan, an increase of 59.6%. Exports to the US market accounted for approximately 23.3 percent of China's total exports, compared with the same period in 2014 increased by nearly six percentage points. backpfrontp current US market for us is the biggest export market. Shenzhen, specializing in the export of lighting a company official told Engineering LED. In his view, the US market is the LED tunnel rate is still relatively low, the market still has great potential. backpfrontp '2015 annual China LED lighting export data report' shows that bulb is still the single largest export of LED high bay lights, the first half of this year, exports reached $ 532 million, of which amount bulb exports to the US market reached 1.27 billion US dollars, accounting for 23.87%. backpfrontp US regulatory bulb is one of the company's main business. Ed Power, general manager of Tang Runlin told Engineering LED, lamp and future US regulations also expected to usher in greater increments. backpfrontp '2015 annual China LED tennis court lights report' shows that the first half of this year, second only to the lamp bulb of the largest single product exports in the first half of this year exports of $ 433 million, an increase of 21.7%, the US is still the biggest The export destination countries, reaching 104 million US dollars, accounting for 24.02%. backp