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Kingsun Wisdom Light 'eye In The Sky K1' Conference Scene Was Out Of Control?

Dec 29, 2018

 November 26, Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kingsun) wisdom lighting new conference was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, concern mysterious new \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; wisdom floor lamp eye in the sky finally K1 exposing flesh. high power led floodl lights in the conference site, Kingsun founder Li Xuliang to Steve Jobs-style presentation in the form of personal, detailed description of the integration of big data, cloud computing, a powerful concept of things K1's eye in the sky. Crossed vigilance, behavior, movement analysis, speech recognition functionality combined with a sci-fi color N is a strong strikes, let the scene once exclaimed, triggering a heated discussion. backpfrontp powerful shock Quartet backpfrontp new conference yesterday,1000W LED flood lights more like an enjoyable show, Li Xuliang talk show-style talks, technological sense of the stage show, filled with tall on flavor. backpfrontp as previously Kingsun for new product launches kept confidential, outside of this there is a lot of speculation. K1 eye in the sky so the veil has been lifted for the moment, has attracted the attention of all those present. Kingsun to build K1 eye in the sky is a floor lamp, the body of aluminum alloy, 1.7 meters high, the base diameter of 30 cm aluminum discs, silver lamp body shape very texture. LED stadium floodlights simple and elegant appearance to attract attention, but also triggered a strong core scene exclaimed again and again: the quality of lighting, interactive and intelligent monitoring and intelligence gathering in a floor lamp, the lamp is the first real sense of wisdom. backpfrontp from the scene graphic display, eye in the sky LED stadium lighting using K1 new generation of LED airport light, freedom to adjust the brightness, color temperature. Originality loaded camera implanted WiFi module, throw away the bridge, the realization of all functions by specifying APP. Powerful, remote monitoring can be realized, two-way HD calls, local people can achieve light conversation. Its wisdom is even more amazing performance of security functions. Unique crossed vigilance, behavioral analysis recognition, voice recognition form triple safety protection, each transaction will be subject to heavy protection automatically alerts, LED tennis court lights became home, security guards office. So powerful to the scene many people lamented the wisdom to make life more secure. backpfrontp wisdom upgrade cited backpfrontp expect more surprises yet to come. Kingsun day eye K1 chosen to raise public Jingdong way line, is the first generation of the standard version, then there will be an upgraded version available. Site revealed that an upgraded version of the eye in the sky K1 will rely on cloud computing, cloud platforms, and large data optimization and upgrading, with self-learning function, user behavior, environment, language and habits and other large data computing, processing and analysis of the results stored in the cloud platform, and eventually read the user's psychological, more humane and more wisdom, the wisdom to form a complete management system. backpfrontp In the conference site, the guests have expressed very positive light the wisdom of the proposed concept of life on the ground, and look forward to such as day eye K1 and subsequent series products bring smarter care. Can such a big fuss about a little light on the floor, which shows Kingsun are transboundary breakthrough and impressive strength in the lighting field. backp