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Kingsun Interim Net Profit Down 70% Across The Board Price Cuts Counterattack Indoor Lighting---oak Led Flood Light

Oct 12, 2016

 [text / Engineering Kingsun LED Zhao Hui] seems to be at the cost of response to market competition and thus to boost sales.  Recently, Kingsun through the official micro-channel and print media industry professionals released a promotional message, up to 40% off the slogan is quite eye-catching. It is understood that the ground on markdowns to circulate products mainly to adjust the sales price this month on the ground and Jay Thorens of 15 series 114 models of products, the highest price rises of about 40%.stadium lights, Which is the highest preferential series of bright bulb and ceiling, the amplitude of up to 40%, are the lowest on the ground Jie Thorens product launch since. At the same time, this promotion program joined the ground on the main brand product promotion channels, such as Ming-kai series Downlight, Ming Hao Series bulb, bright with series lamps and other products. Optical ground before distributing the agents on the price comparison table, the adjusted price was indeed the lowest in the history of the ground. backpfrontp it all seems to cope with declining sales in the first half of the adverse situation. backpfrontp August 29, Kingsun (002638.SZ) released the 2015 semi-annual report. Earnings data show, Kingsun first half operating income of 443 million yuan, down 7.89%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to 16.9054 million yuan, compared with last year fell by 70.27%. backpfrontp particular vigilance is Kingsun present outdoor lighting business revenue fell 23.31 percent fortune, reached 235 million yuan, since last year, focus on the promotion of indoor lighting business revenue of RMB 35,023,500 yuan, down 55.68 %. backpfrontp sudden emergence of the LED stadium light display business, representing an increase of five times revenue reached 49.1778 million yuan. backpfrontp to high power LED flood lights as the representative of outdoor lighting, general lighting, landscape lighting and other contributions Kingsun revenue accounted for more than 80% of. backpfrontp Since last year, the newly established Kingsun Jie Thorens brand, and in response to this brand new conference in June 2014, the release of several ultra-effective products, hope that through outstanding cost-effective products to Thorens stir retail market. But the message backpfrontp market feedback, the lack of a mature business model, as well as follow-up services of weakness, leading to Kingsun was caught in disputes with the dealer. backpfrontp while competition in the field of indoor lighting, 1000W led flood light is relatively more intense by the transition from traditional lighting giant to the sun lighting, Foshan Lighting, Op lighting and NVC has led to control most of the high-quality channel resources, it can be left on the ground limited space Photoelectric play. This also led Kingsun interior lighting has also become a gradual decline in revenues of the state. backpfrontp acquisition became another important means to fight back on the ground. December 2014, Kingsun use its own funds 37,612,500 yuan acquisition of Beijing color VTech Technology Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as color VTech) 51% stake. backpfrontp Reported color VTech 43.1221 million yuan to complete the first-half operating income and net profit of 4.7077 million yuan. backpfrontp Thereafter, Kingsun has announced the acquisition of shares in Shenzhen Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. joint polyethylene, Zhongshan City, shout Lighting Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen million energy-saving city, but all die a natural death. backpfrontp recently announced a partnership with Shenzhen Kingsun Taihe Sheng Financial Holdings Limited jointly funded the establishment of the scale of 3 billion yuan in Shenzhen Hony No. One buyout funds invested enterprises (limited partnership). Wherein the photovoltaic investment amounted to 400 million yuan on the ground, known as the photoelectric backpfrontp ground,LED bay light this time to invest in the establishment of buyout funds, aims to cooperate with the company to make acquisitions and industry consolidation, and constantly improve the industrial layout, promote the strategic development and consolidate the company's position and enhance comprehensive competitiveness. backpfrontp most noteworthy is that,led tunnel light in the semi-annual report disclosed that day, Kingsun announced its intention to non-public offering of shares and cash purchase amount through International Leasing Co., Ltd. and the amount held by Guangdong Investment Group Co., Ltd. Shengtong Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. 100% equity.