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Kang US Special: Market Competition Followed By Packaging Materials Technology Innovation Is The Key

Dec 28, 2018

 ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin With rising domestic LED stadium lights silicone performance, the rapid development in recent years to achieve a leap forward, the current domestic high power LED flood lights packaging silicone sales It has far exceeded the imports, including Beijing, Hong Mei specially representative of the domestic manufacturers have to occupy a certain market share in the field of high-end package of silica gel. Under the leadership of general manager Ge Shili backpfrontp Kang US special in just 10 years time, quickly became comparable to international giants of the domestic silica leader. Other packaging silicone enterprises, Hong US special autonomy has been established more than covered by silicone, epoxy resins and other polymer materials in the field of core technology platform compared to. backpfrontp Ge Shili, currently has six large Kang US special product series, nearly 100 product models, and set up five groups in research projects, products related to LED, lithium batteries, electronics, aerospace, solar energy. backpfrontp which, in the field of LED products, including high refractive silicone, low refractive silicone, plastic filament, COB plastic packaging, plastic packaging infrared emission tube,1000W LED flood light solid crystal plastic, LED package epoxy glue, LED transparent plastic cake. backpfrontp these products in terms of performance and international companies have been quite some products has exceeded the performance of international companies, in addition, we have developed can be used in aerospace products, based on customer requirements, to take customized services. Ge Shili representation. backpfrontp In addition, SIG Combibloc especially in high-end LED airport lights high refractive silicone plastic packaging field, the first to break the monopoly of foreign technology giants, became the first domestic and imported products can be comparable to domestic brands, in addition to the Greater China region now mainstream packaging companies, a Batch internationally renowned enterprises also began to become the company's customers. High power led stadium light Geshi Li believes that as more and more mature technical conditions, domestic silica enterprise technology gap with foreign enterprises continue to shrink, while together with the advantages of cost and supply chain, silicone industry localization will be the trend. At present most of the domestic packaging manufacturers have adopted domestic high-end silicone substitute Japan, the US high refractive silicone. backpfrontp talking about the company's performance, the Ge Shili said Kang US special three quarters of this year, shipments to maintain growth, but he also admitted that this year's severe price drop of glue,LED tennis court lights and the future will be more intense price competition. backpfrontp Thus, Geshi Li believes that the development of packaging materials packaging technology enterprises must keep up the pace of innovation in order to achieve rapid development, in order to cope with competition in the industry, the company has launched a high resistance vulcanized products and modified silicone resins, and UV silicone encapsulation, CSP silicone encapsulation and other new products. LED stadium floodlights then glue how the market prices in the second half in which the future there will be to enhance the industry structure and how the change in the December 11 -??? 12, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the fifth floor at the 2015 Azalea Hall Engineering LED annual meeting, Kang US special will discuss with guests, so stay tuned! backp