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Kamei Lighting Adjustable Telescopic Ceiling Spotlights Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Race---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 24, 2016

 Engineering LED Yue Motte] in 2015, Foshan Nanhai Jia US Times Lighting Co., Ltd. (Kamei lighting) of the thirties. Faced with the development of LED stadium lighting industry line potential, Kamei lighting at 30 years old that year to further improve the layout of the market, also introduced a series of new products. backpfrontp which this 30002 high power LED flood light integrated adjustable telescopic ceiling spotlights, Kamei lighting is to compete for the Golden Globes in 2015 Engineering LED products. It is understood that this spotlight can achieve universal adjustment and telescopic adjustment function head shot,1000W LED flood light to meet the lighting requirements of customers in different directions. Meanwhile, the spotlights radiator with cold forging technology and integrated design, good thermal resistance low thermal effect, effectively ensure the timely export source heat radiator. backpbackpfrontp Kamei lighting is now implementing LED business according, LED tunnel light household products and electrical three-pronged strategy, which spotlights is the company with the most sustained competitive products. backpfrontp Indeed, Kamei lighting has been on its own terminal building and a service with high demand. The existing terminal, LED bay light in terms of image standards, service upgrades, sales promotion and other intensive consolidation upgrade; not perfect and blank on the part of the regional market, deep plowing channels Extension outlets,tennis court light complete Kamei lighting in the terminal regions of penetration. Kamei lighting Shuiming general manager Zhou said the company has always believed that only good products and continuous innovation in order to quickly upgrade gorgeous transformation. In 2015 pre-registration activities in the engineering LED arena light Golden Globes is hot, Kamei's this adjustable telescopic ceiling spotlights Can Product of the Year award won Golden Globe, so stay tuned. backp