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Jufei Optoelectronics Expand International Project Set To Spend 73 Million Hong Kong Dollars In Hong Kong Subsidiary

Dec 27, 2016

 Jufei zhuangao LED stadium lights photoelectric (300,303) September 24 evening announcement, the company intends to set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the registered capital of HK $ 73 million yuan, stadium lighting international trade and investment activities and other business activities. Jufei Optoelectronics, said the establishment of the Hong Kong subsidiary in favor of the latest information on access to international markets,high power led flood light promote the company's products and services to international markets; help expand international business cooperation projects, accelerate the company's internationalization process, enhance the company's brand and international influence market competitiveness.1000W led flood light Board of Directors authorized the company's management is responsible for the implementation of specific matters related to the establishment of a subsidiary. backpfrontp Jufei Optoelectronics early as August 2015 release of the earnings report that it had begun to increase its international clients within the industry competition. At present,led tunnel lights the backlight companies share in the international large customers in the very small, and the market far beyond the size of this part of the customer's existing markets. successful implementation backpfrontp international strategy will expand the company's new space for development, and international clients a large scale, high concentration, led bay light excellent customer texture, once established cooperative relations, fast on the amount that can significantly enhance the company's business scale and quality. Since 2013 the company began implementation of international strategy,led arena light which lasted two years, after the early tough market expansion, we have now moved into a substantive stage of cooperation. backpfrontp Jufei Optoelectronics side said, now influential in the industry of South Korea, Japan,tennis court lights Taiwan and other places known electronics companies backlight willingness to cooperate actively, which has carried out the vast majority of formal cooperation with the company or is actively promoting the cooperation process,gym lights international customers gradually began to heavy volume. backp