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Jing Rui Photoelectric 'fight Letters Age' - The Most Suitable Flashlight LED Light Source

Oct 22, 2016

Augest 26,2016, Jing Rui photoelectric grand opening of a new product launch in Ninghai New Century Grand Hotel.Jing Rui photoelectric is the largest manufacturer of high-power LED flood light ceramic package. The company is committed to providing customers with the best quality flashlight lamp beads and first-class service, with an open attitude to participate in the global boom in the stadium light industry competition, and strive to become the world's attention professional flashlight LED stadium light packaging companies. The company production capacity and volume shipments ranked first in the country, and Taiwan Epistar, LatticePower other famous enterprises to establish a long-term strategic partnership. Jing Rui photoelectric focus on three core technologies, namely: backpfrontp eutectic ceramics: thermal separation, excellent thermal performance, higher reliability; spraying process: high efficiency, better quality light; Optical optimized design: a better light efficiency spot better. backpbackpfrontp present the conference on the launch of new products have GD, KD, XG XH, XM, HP50, and a light source drive integrated design, the unique charm of these sources is the use of a proprietary silicon substrate LED chip having High quality of 1000W LED flood light and directional light advantage. Jing Rui photoelectric advantage of the silicon substrate LED arena light chips, high-power package combining its leading advantage for flashlights customized design lighting. The release of new products can be widely used in mobile lighting flashlight, a condenser (telescopic) flashlight, portable lights, fishing gym lights, plastic flashlights, headlights. Silicon substrate LED bay light chip because of its excellent thermal performance, directional light control, and low power cost, good quality of light, such as superior performance for mobile lighting has a unique advantage, complete independent intellectual property rights and patent system protection, with more than 300 domestic and international patents, to avoid foreign sapphire and silicon carbide substrates technology patent monopoly, with former international companies to compete line substrate material can be exported freely, good prospects for development. After conference, the participants all walks of life both for new products released this crystal Optoelectronics gave a high evaluation, and as the most suitable flashlight LED street lighting source. backpfrontp conference was a complete success. (This article is Crystal Rui Optoelectronics contribution) backp