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Jinan Enterprises Expect Financial Policies To Support The LED Industry Need To Overcome The Bottleneck---LED Stadium Floodlights

Nov 25, 2016

frontp recent years, as the green lighting of LED stadium light industry has been more and more domestic and international recognition. In this context, many enterprises to join the LED industry. Especially in the South compared with the domestic LED brand continued to expand, the pace of development is slow in Jinan LED industry has not before, the vast majority of the urban road lighting still using high power consumption, high-pressure sodium lamps are not environmentally friendly. Industry experts said the industry high barriers to entry, lack of policy financial support, all need to overcome the bottleneck Jinan LED industry. backpfrontp Jinan LED lights penetration is low backpfrontp 2010 March 2.9 km open road Licheng District sections of the street, all replaced by a high-pressure sodium lamp super bright LED lights low-carbon environment. Jinan City, the road became the first full led street lighting demonstration road section. In 2013, nearly 13 km section of the Second Ring Road, Jinan thousand street lights replaced by a high-pressure sodium lamp LED lights. This is also one of the few LED lighting Jinan road. Reporters learned from the street construction funders, only 13 kilometers of LED lights, five years could save 7,000,000 kWh. backpfrontp LED light with respect to the advantages of the traditional energy-saving lamps or high pressure sodium lamps where? publicly available data relevant research institutions, high-quality high power LED flood light line, no radiation, reliable and durable, very low maintenance costs. The use of time is relatively long, in general, LED lamps can be used for more than 50,000 hours, than traditional energy-saving lamps also saving more than half. Moreover, the most prominent advantages of 1000W LED FLOOD lights or on the environment, for example, each lamp 48 watt LED lights to replace the traditional 150-watt high pressure sodium lamps can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1.8 tons per year. backpfrontp Nevertheless, now in Jinan, except for a few open road 2.9 km section of road Licheng District, 13 km section of the Second Ring Road, Jinan, etc., the Jinan City, the road has not been widely available lights LED. A related practitioners to reporters calculations, in order to present the city's main street is being used types \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; high pressure sodium Case estimated its maintenance costs, every street lamp maintenance costs about 300 yuan, the city's total of 160 000 streetlights, five years down the maintenance costs probably more than 1000 million. In both the more obvious advantages of the poor conditions, in spite of relatively inexpensive LED maintenance and environmentally friendly, but did not with its own advantages among the mainstream market in Jinan. backpfrontp with the current popularity of LED gym lights, like the extent of the market in Jinan, local LED enterprises quantity and innovative capacity lags. A person in charge of the energy industry Jinan authorities had issued emotion: the promotion of LED lights in Jinan, can cite the brand most are from the South. Local businesses can not do large orders, small orders not want to do. Talk about the reasons, the practitioners Poxian frustration: sectoral interests involved, the official threshold is high, private entrance. backpfrontp relatively developed compared with the United States and Europe LED industry, application start domestic LED tunnel lighting products more difficult. Statistics show that China's LED and other energy-saving lamps penetration is still low, the current annual sales of incandescent still about 2 billion, using a small proportion of urban residents incandescent generally above 30%. backpfrontp obvious environmental advantages backpfrontp LED lighting industry has always been valued European and American countries. LED bay light is called the fourth generation light source or green light, some of the world's economically developed countries around the development of LED technology in a fierce competition. Since 2000 the United States invested $ 50 billion to implement national semiconductor lighting plan, the EU also in July 2000 announced plans to launch a similar rainbow. Australia ceased in 2010 the use of ordinary incandescent lamps, replaced by LED arena lightlamps, to become the world's first to ban traditional incandescent countries. backpfrontp of Science and Technology in support of under 863, June 2003 first proposed the development of semiconductor lighting plan. Over the years, LED lighting with its energy-saving, environmental protection advantages, has received the attention of state and governments at all levels, all regions have introduced policies and initiatives to accelerate the development of LED lamps. From 1996 to start the implementation of green lighting project, in 2008 to carry out financial subsidies to promote efficient lighting work, in 2009 issued a 'semiconductor lighting energy industry views', released in 2011 China to phase out incandescent roadmap to promote the lighting industry structure optimization and sustainable development. It is estimated that, if all our incandescent replaced with energy-saving lamps, saving 48 billion kwh per year, equivalent to nearly 48 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. backpfrontp Throughout the country, NVC, Op, Foshan lighting, etc., have become people with big ears domestic brands. Nowadays, LED tennis court lights has been widely used in the city of Wuxi, Nanchang, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Fuzhou and other promotion, the province Weifang, Qingdao and other places also has joined the city of ten thousand demonstration cities list. backpfrontp 2013, the 'Shandong Provincial People's Government on the implementation of the National Development Document No. 19 (2012) to further accelerate the implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection industry development opinions' document issued. Subsequently, the 'People's Government Office in Shandong Province on accelerating the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry,' introduced. An unnamed industry sources, at present, although there are provincial file support, but has not yet introduced a local Jinan guidance document. backpfrontp companies look forward to how funding policies to support the development of LED industry backpfrontp? Many companies expressed the hope to get more support from government policy. A lighting company in Jinan, said: In addition to several meetings organized each year by the city's energy conservation authorities, Jinan is currently no specific document issued, hope the relevant government departments to introduce relevant guidance documents developed to support the LED industry as soon as possible. backpfrontp addition to policies, financing is also engaged in the energy industry enterprises are facing problems. Insiders said that energy companies in addition to the traditional way of producing products, selling products business outside the old ways, but also through contract energy management or PPP (public-private partnership mode) business methods. Among them, the contract energy management refers to the energy services company and the energy unit in the form of contracts agreed saving target energy efficiency programs, energy services company to achieve energy efficiency goals units the users can provide the necessary services in order to pay for energy services with energy efficiency energy units energy services company's investment mechanism and a reasonable profit. The advantage of this model is that the government or the user does not have to direct investment in the construction equipment, pay only reduce energy costs to energy companies. For contract energy management companies, such as energy management contract payback period, and probably take up to several years. backpfrontp this new business model but also to be able to provide energy services business difficult. RGB LED flood lights on the section of highway construction investment, we need millions or even tens of millions, corporate finance will become a problem. Most local banks worry about long investment return period, once bankrupt enterprise will not be able to repay bank loans. Under a last resort, companies had to charge or real estate license, or borrowing. A provincial energy companies, told reporters, People's Bank of China had issued over relevant documents, requiring local bank loans for the energy companies the green light, but now a lot of local businesses that conditions are not easy to enjoy. backp