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Jimei Decoration Engineering Carrying Two Projects To Compete For The Golden Globes 2015---stadium Lights

Dec 12, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin Recently, the design director of Guangdong Province Jimei Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (Jimei decoration) Wai Keung Engineering Golden Globes to the organizing committee,stadium lights said the company will bring Nansha wall Long Bay Star Square bilingual kindergarten and innovative workshop two projects to compete for Best Engineering Project Award 2015. Li Weiqiang introduced, with the establishment and rapid development of urban transport network Nansha Port Free Trade Zone,led stadium light a large number of new business opportunities to find rapid influx of immigrants, and all kinds of public facilities (such as health care, education, pensions, etc.) construction lag the formation of a great supply and demand gap, which is particularly evident early childhood education. In this context, the Nansha wall Long Bay bilingual kindergarten project not only to use the existing objective conditions meet the stringent regulatory requirements,high power led flood light but also must try to realize the potential of space to accommodate more students to ease local school just to be. While also making space has a substantial and interesting is the case in the design of special positioning. In addition, because the present case the owners very stubborn and superstitious character of feng shui, but also with the designer very different aesthetic vision. So how to balance the use of functions, regulatory requirements,1000W LED flood light visual effects and the owner's personal preferences and many other contradictions, so that the project can become the smooth progress of the case both unique and difficult task. Nansha wall Long Bay bilingual kindergarten project backpfrontp Wai Keung said that to eliminate safety hazards activities in the region, designers use the following approach :( a) all use Free ground paste to glue laying,led tunnel light to minimize harm to the child formaldehyde, comfortable and environmentally friendly. (B) Free use of glass, stone and other brittle, hard material, all corners of the walls are in soft leather bag wrapped collision, effective protection against impact in children's sports injuries. (C) All lights are made of LED bay light source, and lamp cup all together antiglare cover, avoid direct light on the child's eye injury. (Iv) all moving furniture all the furniture factory custom installation good to come back, try to avoid the construction site produces toxic exhaust gases and dust on the future use of classroom adverse consequences. Li Weiqiang introduced another project \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Star Square Innovation Works is adapted from Star Square Overseas barn from a scrap warehouse. Compared with other similar project, which has a large degree of freedom of the transformation characteristics. Designers of the building, structure, interior and lighting design, etc. according to the functional requirements of unified planning, not only greatly enhance the integrity of the space, but also reduce the waste is not in place due to repeated construction brings. led arena light Star Square Innovation Works project backpfrontp case is due from construction to interior integration design is complete, so designers have great freedom in the spatial layout. I can choose the most suitable way to reasonable arrangements Party requirements, and can make the space interesting and full of meaning. Not only increase the sandwich, but also added a rooftop viewing platform built for employees in a tight spare time can enjoy the invincible big Riverview, thus greatly improving the usefulness of space and observability. Li Wai Keung representation. backpfrontp Moreover, since the narrow base of the project, the designers set two translucent hollow in the middle of the inlet and the plane, so that space has a sense of rhythm and downs of relaxation. In view of the original building as a warehouse, there is a problem of insufficient led street lighting, designer of the original three-span between the top of the hill crest adds two glass shed light, not only solved the problem space features lighting in the form of construction has completed a new and dialogue. Finally, greening court plus side is built ladder wells, from its top glass shed gym lights introduced into the atrium so vibrant, truly non-discriminatory integration of indoor and outdoor. Cement, old brick, tiles and building material is still the main chamber, due to key while new reference Mondrian geometric paintings divided colored glass light shed as heavy rustic historic building into a rational and vitality. Sunlight through the red, yellow, blue and other colors of glass projected in the room, forming a constantly changing depicting colorful picture. Li Wai Keung representation. tennis court lights