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Jiang Ya Photoelectric Portable Spotlight Thread Contested Engineering 2015 Golden Globes---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 05, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED stadium lights Gan Qin Recently, Jiang Ya photoelectric relevant staff to senior engineers Golden Globe organizing committee, said the company according to the market, developed a new intelligent dimmer spotlight \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; thread spotlight SS808SWD, suitable for small high power led flood light studios, theater and film, the company will bring the product to compete Engineering 2015 Product of the Year Award. Said the staff said that the current domestic and international 1000W LED flood light spotlight, most with DMX512 control, is not compatible with traditional thyristor control, the operation is more limited, but Playhouse Theatre luminaire dimming curve smoothing and color demanding. backpfrontp The product uses a self-developed Yajiang photoelectric LED street lighting new intelligent dimming technology, which is compatible with the use of silicon-box dimming device with the digital signal dimming of LED tunnel lighting products. Thread spotlight SS808SWD compatible with conventional silicon box and DMX512 console intelligent converter control, but also 110V and 230V voltage conversion control, user-friendly operation, product performance and technology in the industry leading level. Staff said.According to reports, SS808SWD use of threaded YAJIANG LED spotlight cooling system and cooling method patents, realize convection cooling fan cooling, and the selection of the fan power is small, not only to promptly cool down the lamp body work and light body almost no noise, Transparent large heat sink, and cooling holes designed to ensure heat lamps in various postures are good, to improve the utilization of light and LED arena light life. backpfrontp lamp assembly of the product structure comprising a pan, cover, lamp housing and cover, with internal card slots, mounting holes, mounting posts, maintenance, installation, lighting, will cap apart, led bay light can be implemented, greatly reduced maintenance costs, operation is very convenient and simple.In addition, when using the product,led gym light without having to change the original theater / theater wiring system, SS808SWD provide end users 100% direct replacement for traditional lighting solutions, saving time and money to replace the system. Such staff says. backp