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Jiang Ya Optoelectronics: LED Lamps New Intelligent Dimming Technology To Compete For The Golden Globe Engineering---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 15, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED dimming Gan Qin] change the basic stage lighting means, at present, the most commonly used power stage lighting dimmer mainly SCR dimming and PWM digital dimming . Because now many places are equipped with SCR stage dimmer system, such as LED stadium light fixtures can not be better compatible with SCR dimming control, it is difficult to enter the system with SCR dimmers stage area, so high power LED flood light fixtures compatible SCR dimming is a major problem to be overcome. Jiang Ya photoelectric related staff said. Staff said, in the use of SCR dimming circuit of the traditional light source lamp dimming, SCR output AC chopper voltage, due to the thermal inertia of the traditional lamp, the human eye can not see the flashing, and when the controllable When silicon dimming circuit and supporting the use of the LED drive circuit, will produce audible noise and flicker. backp Yajiang Optoelectronics has been working in stage lighting 1000W LED flood light source applied research, after years of in-depth exploration, and finally overcome the LED lamp is suitable for both new smart environment dimming technology, the PWM digital signal and SCR control both organic combined, LED light fixtures can be fully compatible with both the control signals, set the two control interfaces in one. Jiang Ya photoelectric launched new intelligent LED street lighting dimmer adaptive technology, is to adapt to a new stage lighting product development stage lighting luminaire dimming applications, it is compatible with the silicon box dimming device with the digital signal dimming of LED lighting products the use of its intelligent dimming technology combines silicon box dimming and PWM digital dimming two dimming mode, easy to use. According to reports, LED bay light dimming technology available new intelligent dimming silicon boxes, and the available international standard DMX512 protocol control dimmer, dimmer dimmer / DMX512 dimmer, automatic identification and intelligent switching. The technology will compete for the 2015 annual Technology Innovation Award in Engineering. New Intelligent LED tunnel light stage lighting dimming technology product launches, the user must be able to reduce the cost of replacement lamps development process, the restrictions are no longer subject to the control system, dimming control device is no longer an obstacle to the use of LED lighting, making the LED gym lights stage lighting adaptability and vitality stronger. Such staff says.