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It's About Mini/Micro LED

Jun 01, 2020

Since the beginning of this year, major domestic and foreign manufacturers have increased their investment in Mini/Micro LEDs, and there have been successive big moves. Among them, Apple established a factory in Taiwan to develop Mini/Micro LED technology; Sanan Optoelectronics and TCL cooperated to set up a joint laboratory to focus on the development of Micro LED display technology; Huacan Optoelectronics, Ruifeng Optoelectronics and Jucan Optoelectronics also announced expansion The production plan, each project is related to Mini/Micro LED... Recently, Hongli Zhihui also joined the overweight layout camp.

Yesterday (17), Hongli Zhihui issued an announcement announcing the signing of a cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Huadu District of Guangzhou City to invest in the construction of a new LED backlight display project.

The announcement shows that Hongli Zhihui will invest in the construction of Hongli Optoelectronics LED new backlight display project in Huadu District. The main investments include MiniLED backlight and display, Micro LED, new display devices and modules, and new display supporting devices. The investment of the project is divided into two phases. The investment amount of the first phase is about 150 million yuan. The source of funds is the company’s self-raised funds. The annual output value of the first phase is about 600 million yuan after the full production is completed. The investment amount for the second phase has not yet been determined.

Hongli Zhihui said that this investment will further strengthen the company's layout in the LED industry chain, promote the further development of MiniLED backlight and display, Micro LED, and new display devices, and enhance the company's profitability and core competitiveness. The company's investment in the construction of a new LED backlight display project is conducive to further expanding the development of its main business and accelerating the company's sustainable and healthy development.

It is understood that in 2019, Hongli Zhihui will continue to increase research and development of new products and technologies such as MiniLED, UV LED, VCSEL, and continue to expand market segments.

In the MiniLED field, the company established Guangzhou Hongli Display Electronics Co., Ltd. in cooperation with members of the MiniLED core team. Its main business is MiniLED packaging and display products. The products are mainly medium and large-sized backlights. They are used in VR, tablet, Gaming laptops, TVs, computer monitors, medical monitors, automotive, etc.

Hongli Zhihui has achieved a major breakthrough in key mass transfer technology and large-size panels, and has now reached strategic cooperation with transfer equipment manufacturers. In terms of production capacity, Hongli Zhihui MiniLED takes Guangzhou as the main production base and Shenzhen as the R&D center. A number of products have completed small batch trial production and large batch samples. At the same time, some of the company's models have mass production capabilities.

In 2020, Hongli Zhihui plans to improve the decoration and equipment purchase of the already completed MiniLED smart workshop as soon as possible, and strive to promote the construction of production lines and increase production capacity. As the advantages of MiniLED backlight in the field of medium and large size gradually become prominent, the market demand continues to increase. At the same time, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the conference room display will usher in a wave of business opportunities, driving the rapid penetration of Mini display products. Hongli Zhihui's investment project will further expand its MiniLED backlight and display production capacity to seize more market share. (Text: LEDinside Janice)