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Intelligent Lighting Brings Enormous Opportunities The Next Five Years The Market Demand Will Exceed One Hundred Billion Yuan

Dec 21, 2016

 smart city, Interconnect stadium lighting, intelligent lighting \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; in recent years has become a hot topic. Street lighting wisdom and wisdom how big strategic wisdom of the city's real promotion and application, has become a growing problem of public concern. backpfrontp yesterday (23), Western Returned Scholars Association, led by the Shanghai United Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association, Municipal Overseas Exchange Association, the Municipal Federation of Industry, the city of the federation, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong, China (region) Chamber of Commerce \u0026 mdash; Shanghai, Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce and other seven institutions sponsored maritime salon \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; interconnected smart city lights lighting expert seminar held in Shanghai. On behalf of nearly 200 government officials, experts, students, engineering design units and enterprises to accelerate the depth of wisdom and the wisdom of the city to build a wide range of lighting applications. backpfrontp a street lamp lighting can be done in addition to what backpfrontp most existing street style common, but the lack of scalability, and valuable point of wisdom lights are on innovation. According to reports, Shanghai think twice concept first proposed 10 years ago, electronic lamp networked to lighting equipment for the carrier, the integration of a city surveillance, monitoring, communication, direction, lighting, and various other management functions into one, forming an efficient, simple, Instant interconnected system of city management. Now, relying on a small LED stadium lights, electric vehicles can achieve intelligent charging, free wireless Internet access, video surveillance, information push and other features. backpfrontp In addition, this may also be the city street and traffic management security probe into the street to do, with the extensive application of large data, video can be different than the right, analysis, used in transportation, social security administration and to serve the people, the city will add one aloft silently bless the people live in peace watcher. backpfrontp Shanghai think twice Electronics chairman Chen Bishou representation, think of integrated system technology can completely lamp networking concepts in the urban management. To achieve effective and efficient management of the city's street with wisdom and interconnection led tunnel lights, is an important way to promote national smart city development strategy, the future will accomplish much. Wisdom stadium lights needs will exceed billions in recent years to build a smart city, promoting urban development was included in the country's major areas of work. April 7, 2015, the State Department of Housing and the Ministry of Science published a list of third countries, smart city pilot, identified 84 cities (districts, counties, towns) for the national smart city FY2014 new pilot, and 13 cities ( district, county) to expand the scope of the pilot, plus the previously announced 193 countries smart city pilot,led bay lights the current state of smart city pilot has reached 290.wisdom high power led flood lighting as an important part of the wisdom of the city, has also been highly relevant departments attach great importance to and vigorously promoted. Currently, with the acceleration of urbanization, purchases of urban public lighting facilities and increasing the scale of construction, forming a huge purchasing pool. But the city appears contradictory led arena lighting management has become more obvious, the most prominent of the three great contradiction is that consumption of energy, lighting and high maintenance costs, and other public facilities can not be compatible. Wisdom lighting will undoubtedly appear greatly change this situation, a strong impetus to speed up the process of smart city. Experts predict that within the next five years, the market demand will be the size of the wisdom of tennis court lights more than one hundred billion yuan, it has brought huge business opportunities for the lighting technology industry. Experts to boost the illumination of wisdom wisdom lighting concept offer backpfrontp although very popular, and has been applied in the world, China's Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Dongguan and other places have also started LED street lighting retrofit project of wisdom, but in many Applications of the city but not widespread, the public sector is lagging behind and the application for recognition and application of this technology. For example, the technical level of the wisdom of the illumination system is already fully mature; the wisdom of how the lighting system and other urban management systems integration, compatible; and how the social effects of the wisdom and the actual value of the lighting complement each other and so on, these problems seriously affected the lighting in the wisdom of wisdom the city is widely promoted and applied. backpfrontp this reason, the theme of the salon lighting lit interconnected smart city, invited the Director of Development Planning Department, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission Zhang Zhongwei, the city thousands of program specialists, city Western Returned Scholars Association, vice president of the soldiers, Shanghai Jiaotong University professor Wang East, Shanghai Lighting Association expert Wang Xiaoming, general manager of Shanghai to think twice Technology Development Co., Ltd. Wang Ying Hua and other relevant experts to attend and make a speech. Internet illumination from all sides of the development trend of smart city, professional management, utilization and promotion in jointly explore the Internet + era, the way of wisdom interconnected urban city lighting. backpfrontp Shanghai Western Returned Scholars Association Secretary-General Wang Jianmin told reporters that the future will be by means of Shanghai talent advantage in the Western Returned Scholars Association, the platform and resources to continue to organize similar high-level seminars, and actively promote the large-scale application of wisdom lighting , to accelerate the development of China's smart city should contribute forces. backp