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Integrated Trend Reconstruct How Light Engine Industry Value Chain?

Dec 16, 2016

 LED stadium light engine was first launched by Philips, Osram and other international lighting business, LED Industrial Cooperation Organization --Zhaga League of Nations was established in 2010 and put forward aimed at contributed to the standardization of lighting products, thus achieving different LED stadium lighting products manufacturer interchangeability. backpfrontp With the growing domestic LED industry chain all aspects of the competition, both low-cost and high-cost advantages of light engine products more and more enterprises of all ages. backpfrontp linear drive IC demand growth backpfrontp to ensure that the conversion efficiency of LED lamps and lamp life, LED street lighting drive power with high PF and low THD become a basic requirement. High-voltage constant current driver chip for its application circuit is simple and efficient and low-cost applications, the industry's first choice. backpfrontp Shanghai Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University Research Fellow Yen Chung-kwong said, LED lighting power supply constant current drive to introduce a new generation of high-voltage power supply technology, because there is no power switch transform, can greatly reduce the ripple; In addition,high power led flood light the application circuit without transformers and other magnetic devices and electrolytic capacitors, thereby increasing the linear power PF, and reduce THD. Thus, the biggest advantage is that the light engine and the linear drive IC match, Chen Heng, general manager of SanDisk integrated by the introduction, the company introduced the fourth generation of high-order piecewise linear constant current driver chip SDS3108 series, piecewise linear constant succession Chip-based flow inherent merit,1000W led flood light the index increased to the level of the power supply switching power supply, and completely overcome 100Hz flicker and wick problem of low utilization. backpfrontp the product to provide LED lamps to power scheme in the true sense, especially higher-order piecewise linear constant current driver, close to sinusoidal current, greatly improving efficiency, current, SDS3108 efficiency has reached more than 95%. Chen Heng indicated by. According to deputy general manager of Ho backpfrontp Meiya Optoelectronic Gang, the company developed an integrated photoelectric engine, multi-die package technology, with efficient high-voltage constant current driver chips, to achieve a new generation of optical LED tunnel light module to optimize cost and performance set to meet Zhaga Union aims to develop a standard interface in line with LED light engine interfaces, and can be easily with a variety of shell lamps, lamp, lamp with a combination of a variety of LED bulbs, downlights, fluorescent lamps, ceiling lamps. backpfrontp our high-pressure and high-voltage linear LED bay light driver IC for effective integration, surface-mount aluminum substrate, connected to AC110 / 220V power supply will be able to work, in further reducing the processing costs and labor costs, while lamp factory, greatly reducing the production cycle. He just said that the light engine from the finished product're just one radiator shell lamps, customers only need half a minute to complete the assembly of individual LED arena light.The value chain boost the development of intelligent backpfrontp Crystal Electronics chairman Xiao Guowei said, LED lighting industry development so far, cost reduction and efficiency improvement will allow the two driving forces of the industry value chain more reflected, LED industry should be formed integration of epitaxial silicon, package integration module or light engines such suppliers. backpfrontp In general, conventional LED gym lighting manufacturers to assemble downstream product, often are purchasing lamp beads, power supply and aluminum plate and other components, not only expensive to manufacture, and is compatible with the stability of the various manufacturers more or less between devices There is a problem.light engine will be integrated into a lamp beads, aluminum plate and drive power modules, available in volume once achieved, can be an effective solution to these problems. backpfrontp Xiao Guowei said, prompting RGB LED flood light engine assembly and lamps in the low end of the value chain, reducing costs, saving design space. More importantly, the technology can be a real highlight of intelligent design and brand value LED lighting fixtures. backpfrontp industry believes that intelligent lighting field is only a small piece of Things era of smart home integration is the future direction, and the birth of the light engine technology, is also fit this trend. Zhang Qiang, CEO of Sony source backpfrontp take smartphones Example: Now is actually a smart phone integration, namely the cameras, tape recorders, cameras, and other devices previously needed to achieve the function, together with realized. The light engine is similar to the smart phone products,tennis court lights the future it can integrate more intelligent systems, help the development of intelligent lighting. backpfrontp Zhang Qiang said, LED industry chain is moving in the direction of integration, the future if we can make the light engine to integrate more systematic information, including intelligence, sensors, dimming color, and other functions, to integrate it into the light engine which a carrier, will achieve a new leap of technology, and this is the development direction of the light engine. backpfrontp Qiang introduction, Sony source light engine products use the country's first AC-LED technology, and through the exchange of strobe phosphor solve problems, and future Sony source hope the technology can go towards intelligent applications. backp