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Innovation-driven Future - Galaxywind New Generation Of Intelligent Lighting Systems To Accelerate Industrial Upgrading

Jan 03, 2017

 intelligent life-changing, innovation-driven future. September 23,stadium lights in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Oriental Hotel, 7th floor multi-purpose conference hall, Shenzhen Galaxy Fengyun Network Systems Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City Electric hand in Granville Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held the first Galaxywind new generation of intelligent lighting systems conference. Meeting site brings together guests from outside the industry, customers, media reporters. Galaxywind CEO Yang Kai for the first time officially announced a set of intelligent ultra-low cost upgrade for the traditional led stadium lighting of the overall solution to the plight faced by the traditional lighting industry has brought new ideas. backpfrontp conference started at two in the afternoon, Mr. Galaxywind Network Systems Co., Ltd. CEO Yang Kai for everyone to do a keynote speech. He first analyzed the current situation in Guangdong Province lighting market and the difficulties faced by the traditional lighting industry ushered proposed intelligent upgrade both an opportunity and a challenge,high power led flood light companies need to grasp the opportunity to avoid risks. Galaxywind release of intelligent lighting system solutions \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; MacBee new generation of intelligent lighting IOT protocol architecture, which includes chips, modules, networking, control step of hardware design framework, MacBee chip, MacBee modules, MacBee host ,1000W LED flood light MacBee remote control, MacBee Stickers light control panel, iWUCloud cloud services, and contains hundreds of things APP application framework, including a set of intelligent lighting system solutions. Traditional lighting industry through the use of this sophisticated system, can be done quickly and low cost effective upgrade to intelligent product. Numerous vivid examples has proved that complacency will be eliminated.led tunnel lights Rapid development of technology, the user experience of traditional products with the new requirements. The intelligent lighting system backpfrontp use as success stories, general manager of electrical Granville Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Junyu subsequently delivered a speech, he shared his experience of the transition from the traditional LED high bay light power supply LED power smart experiences and feelings, and a live demonstration of how to use the company's products Galaxywind The intelligent lighting system solutions to achieve transition to intelligent product features extended, and called for the Friends of the development trend of keeping with the times, is committed to intelligent upgrade, enhance product competitiveness,led arena light boost industrial development quick upgrade. backpfrontp conference last relevant micro-interviews on intelligent lighting systems, the two companies jointly dialogue several lighting manufacturers and the company's former media reporters, answering confused further exchanges on intelligent lighting systems. Shenzhen broadcasters' market connections, 'the reporter also interviewed Mr. Yang Kai particularly, they asked:? Galaxywind launched many smart home hardware products, what products originally designed Yang Kai said Galaxywind always adhere to \u0026 lsquo;led street lighting not smart and intelligent, not overturn habits, the core principle of non-intelligent, design products more from the user's point of view, to the user experience as the center for B and C-terminal end client users to create an effective and quick landing Experience intelligent hardware. backpfrontp Galaxywind 22 years focused on the development of communications technology products and solutions, production, sales, operations and service. Since 2010 launch intelligent product line has always been committed to build a global networking service platform, has introduced Awareness home smart home solutions, and realize intelligent linking cloud-stop service platform upgrade. And in 2014 the congregation raised Jingdong released Wukong i8 air conditioning intelligent companion, sale amount reached 12.45 million in 35 days, becoming the Jingdong customer price all the chips in 2014 to raise public projects of less than 100 yuan crown. 2015 appliance Aipu Lan won the most popularity award,tennis court lights the same year on August 25 to obtain micro-channel hardware innovation contest the national championship title again. backpfrontp Galaxywind been insisting for many years and believes that doing ordinary consumer market, the product should pay more attention to highlight the practical, the face of the corporate market, in addition to the function of the product itself, more valued supplier's technical strength and service capabilities, whether able to open development kit and APP business development, whether it can provide cloud services and other production support, customers will be taken into account. The conference released the intelligent lighting system as a whole solution is embodied in intelligent home appliances Galaxywind company has always followed the direction of depth of life, experience life, service life, philosophy, and commitment to collaboration with partners, for the user to create a safe, practical and convenient adhere intelligent products and solutions.