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Industry Reshuffle Into The Deep Water Of The Breakdown Of The LED Industry Collapse Owed Ten Foot Event---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 02, 2016

 [Text | Engineering LED Zhao Hui] See also the collapse backpfrontp September collapse, silky harvest, LED industry has huge debts Zaibao event, Foshan Tovey owed 180 million!! It was containment suppliers and employees. backpfrontp 22:20 the evening of September 17, Foshan Tovey Environmental Lighting Engineering Co. (hereinafter referred to as Foshan Tovey) entrance of the company, gathered a large number of people, including suppliers, a company's employees, as well as the police.A supplier representative told Engineering LED stadium light. , A total of about 180 million it owes, we are 2.6 million alone. According to the supplier know, being Tovey owed suppliers more than 500, of which more than one million of debt, more than 80, the biggest victim was owed 12 million. In addition to suppliers of money, Foshan Tovey also overdue 3-6 months wages. backpfrontp Foshan Tovey was containment of the news quickly spread throughout the high power LED flood light industry, caused widespread concern and hot. Engineering LED night issued a '[exclusive] Engineering owed 180 million? Foshan Tovey urgent need disk access.' Click to read the news a short 12 hours on more than 29 million times. backpbackpfrontp the first half of 2015, LED lighting industry has a blue ocean red sea, enterprise survival situation is not optimistic, mergers and acquisitions wave after another price war smoke. International manufacturers such as Osram, Philips sulfur Ming split sale find buyers, the domestic enterprises wanton fight to find a way out. from LED listed companies reported a semi-annual report of view,1000W LED flood light industry is still in a serious predicament increment does not increase profits. LED production and research, according to the Institute of Engineering (GGII) statistics, in 2014 the number of enterprise applications for LED 13300, 2015, this number will drop to 12,300. Application of such a large number of enterprises, but also means that next year there will be about 1000 applications enterprises face closure crisis. And this case, the same can not be avoided in the upstream business. LED general lighting in a golden period of development, the industry is in rapid consolidation period, and mergers and acquisitions, and more and more enterprises will be eliminated. Unlisted downstream applications competitive pressure will be greater competition in the industry is accelerating the phase-out. Engineering, production and research chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said. backpfrontp recently held G20-LED tunnel lighting annual CEO Summit 2015 meeting, attended by guests expressed as expected in the first half market performance. backpfrontp our intuitive feeling is that fewer suppliers, peers also seems to be gradually reduced, customers are reducing the whole industry chain to play with are less and less. GONG Wen Jing, general manager of Taiwan shares represented at the G20-LED bay lighting annual CEO Summit 2015 closed-door meeting. backpfrontp have this feeling of not just crystal Taiwan shares, Engineering LED when company visits found that many companies have a similar confusion, how did the guy who recently met someone? general manager backpfrontp Linsen Lin quite RGB LED flood Lighting Division Our little helpless :() lighting industry this year, shipments rose rapidly, but growth in profit no how. backpfrontp opinion in Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, suppliers, peers, and even reduce the customer is not a bad thing, which is the industry towards maturity necessary stage. Customers reduced, but volume is increasing, he thought, so more conducive to the growth of high-quality customers. backpfrontp statistics LED Engineering LED business failures since 2012, the arrears of cases on foot, lists ten collapse, arrears foot event. backpfrontp NO.1 Kellett photoelectric liabilities of NT $ 5.6 billion yuan (equivalent to 1.1 billion yuan) in July 2013 backpfrontp China Taiwan region LED arena light chip factory Kellett photoelectric startling news of the end of July 2013 closed, the chairman, general manager and directors and supervisors full resignation, leaving about 56 billion New Taiwan dollars in debt. backpfrontp reported, Kellett photoelectric hit the Chinese mainland market in the low-chip-chip products competitive pressures and debt pressure, Kellett photoelectric sales in recent years by the impact of the poor performance of the mainland market, in 2012 came the company debt problem. backpfrontp NO.2 giant Liang Optoelectronics: arrears of 200 million yuan in December 2014 , the giant boss Liuju Yong Liang Optoelectronics lost contact, and swept away by the supplier more than 200 million yuan of the purchase price. According to industry sources familiar with the matter at the time, it said Liu Juyong, Liu are gone, more than 100 suppliers containment door in their plants, there are several suppliers arrears have exceeded one million. backpfrontp Engineering LED airport light through investigation, part of the amount owed large suppliers, including two solid crystal equipment manufacturers more than 10 million each, a provider of testing equipment more than 1,000 yuan, more than 400 million business in a phosphor, a bracket Enterprise nearly 800 million, a 2 million yuan and a glue corporate board business 2 million yuan and so on. backpfrontp NO.3 Foshan Tovey: owed 180 million yuan in September 2015 backpfrontp Foshan Tovey It is understood that the money owed to suppliers snowballed, a total of about 180 million it owes, said on behalf of a supplier, we are alone 2600000. According to the supplier know, being Tovey owed suppliers more than 500, of which more than one million of debt, more than 80, the biggest victim was owed 12 million. In addition to suppliers of money, Foshan Tovey also overdue 3-6 months wages did not send. backpfrontp NO.4 ten photoelectric owed 80 million yuan in August 2013 backpfrontp 2013 August Shenzhen Shifang photoelectric Limited (hereinafter referred to as the ten optical) for fraud supplier eighty million yuan, the company owed 220 employees two months salary on the verge of bankruptcy. backpfrontp ten photoelectric Shenzhen was established in July 2010 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, the legal representative for Deng Junguo, mainly engaged in LED light-emitting diode, LED dot matrix modules, LED tennis court light display and lighting, and other services. backpfrontp NO.5 legendary phoenix light owed 70 million yuan in October 2014 backpfrontp 2014 年 10 22, the legendary phoenix light traced the owner lost contact, owed to suppliers and dealers more than 7,000 yuan. Please backpfrontp This year the legendary Phoenix high lighting business after its endorsement of the high cost of brand promotion and channel construction did not receive the actual results, the final fall. backpfrontp NO.6 big vision photoelectric arrears of more than 7,000 yuan in November 2012 receivable big vision photoelectric suppliers who are owed nearly 70 million yuan, involving a total of more than 100 suppliers. The real cause of the large horizons crisis culprit, in fact, excessive use of financial leverage. backpfrontp NO.7 Dongguan Yongxing Electronics 8 million yuan owed money and bank loans and private loans of nearly 30 million yuan in September 2014, according to Yongxing Electronics backpfrontp vendor responsible person, Yongxing Electronics is currently suppliers owed about $ 8 million payment. Moreover, Yongxing Electronics also owe three bank loans, including 10 million yuan Industrial Bank, Guangdong Development Bank 1.5 million yuan, 12 million yuan, China Merchants Bank, China Merchants Bank in which debt has been repaid and converted usury security company. Meanwhile, Yongxing Electronics Wubi civil usury lending there were 3.7 million yuan and 100 million yuan, 250,000 yuan, 350,000 yuan and 700,000 yuan loan to a friend. backpfrontp Yongxing Electronics was established when the main production LED packaging stent to stent system line-based, low-end market positioning. In early 2008 began to transition lighting, mainly produces street lights. backpfrontp NO.8 Hung Kee Lighting arrears more than 30 million yuan in July 2013 backpfrontp 2013 年 7 2, Zhongshan LED low-end finished large - Lighting factory owner Xieying Xiong Hung Kee on foot, leaving more than 300 No wages of employees and a bunch of empty promises unfulfilled places. backpfrontp Engineering LED on the scene to statistics, about more than 60 parts suppliers owed money by the male record factory, total more than 30 million yuan, the largest supplier of arrears has more than 400 million being paid. backpfrontp NO.9 Haobo photoelectric owed 25 million yuan in November 2012 backpfrontp Haobo photoelectric overdue wages, royalties of about 200 million yuan, suppliers owed money about 25 million yuan. Haobo photoelectric shortfall in funding, the fuse in its devastated LED lighting business. Main LED display Haobo photoelectric invested heavily in 2011 cut into the lighting market, but it has not pick up, eventually dragging down the main display business. backpfrontp NO.10 Jiahao electric owed 18 million yuan in December 2012 backpfrontp 2012 In December 2009, Dongguan City Electric Co. Jiahao supplier arrears amounted to 18 million yuan loan, but was closed down in Dongguan City, the local people's court. It is reported that Jia Haoguang electricity actually less than the total assets to 700 million yuan, its chairman Sun Yi Yang has been on foot. backp