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India Supports The Government Energy-saving Plan LED T5 Tube Lights Replace Lighting Equipment

Nov 03, 2016

 According to reports, one of India's 17 railway zone in Northeast Railway (NER) through the installation of solar panels and energy-saving LED stadium light bulbs on their devices to support the government's energy saving plan. backpfrontp NER spokesman Ashok Kumar expressed, NER has been used to replace the original 90W 60W ceiling fan, and install pole on the platform space. In addition, they have been upgraded six stations logo displays and office, all replaced with stadium lights. backpfrontp Kumar added, NER also plans to use 56,500 sets of LED T5 tube lights to replace 40W lighting equipment in the near future. backpfrontp At present, India has two railway stations complete high poer LED flood light installation, and NER also sought to use solar energy to open up to 512 stations within the crossing. Which has a station in India in 2014 was named the Department of Energy \u0026 quot; energy efficient station \u0026 quot ;. NER has saved 3.2 million energy units, worth the equivalent of 23.3 million rupees ($ 3.4 million). backpfrontp Likewise, other railways are also to go along with this trend. According to the local train station a regional manager, said the northern railway (NR) will also install solar bulbs and LED tunnel light bulbs.

 This year, LED T8 lamp price melee continued, Op lighting, Foshan Lighting, NVC lighting, Huaqiang even Philips, Osram, etc., all have joined LED bay light T8 lamp grappling price war, with the LED T8 tube prices fell close to $ 8 competition category, margins and costs directly touch the bottom line public enterprises lamp products. backpfrontp and LED T8 lamp light is LED street lighting in the area into one of Linsen important weapon packaging giant. In fact, at the time of the formation of the LED package is absolutely competitive, Sen began the journey LED lighting business. LED arena light, downlight, lamp and other lighting products, light source categories are expanding rapidly across the country and worldwide open. backpbackpfrontp have support LED package, lighting development mulinsen more pronounced for granted. The T8 lamp on, the mulinsen for high CRI high luminous efficiency of the LED package, the Senate inquiry of the index, the use of ultra flat wire technology the company developed to enhance the efficiency of the system on the basis of the original about 5%, also the effect of color saturated red to supplement, to achieve the best color. backpfrontp same time, the lamp is also certified by the American DLC. DLC for US policy subsidies have obvious effect, increasing the competitiveness of their products. Sen, director of marketing told Sun Shaofeng Engineering RGB led flood light. backpfrontp for T8 lamps prices fall, Sun Shaofeng thought to understand. He said that although the price level T8 lamps made some adjustments, but the product quality did not decline, but through the integration of resources, program transformation, the scale of production to reduce the direction of price, cost-effective is the product consumption. backpfrontp not only straight tube LED lights, in other lighting products, Sen also spared no effort to carry out, and seeks to become a reliable lighting tool. backp